FYI - Career Prospect As Marine Mechanic - Great Lakes

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FYI - Career Prospect As Marine Mechanic - Great Lakes

Article as attached. I know my own mechanic works only 9 months/year, 3 months in Tropical Climate, this by choice. Hard working environment considering a lot of work is done on board in very tight quarters and while most people enjoy the sun and waves a mechanic is busy working. I stated the Great Lakes as most marinas are situated in that area, but in reality most any area that has a boating season. ... abbe882fc7
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Replace it with pretty much any trade. If your looking to work hard and make it pay off it's all doable

I work 6 months a year. Make 100k. Take 6 months off. Industrial mechanic

It is really what you want to do and what you see yourself doing.

I just read another post here, someone with her masters and she's working full-time all year for 30k.

You decide on what you want to do
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