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[Game Pass] 2 new games just added - Journey to the Savage Planet (XB1) & Alvastia Chronicles (XB1/PC) + 3 more coming soon for PC

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Feb 12, 2011
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2 new games just added - Journey to the Savage Planet (XB1) & Alvastia Chronicles (XB1/PC) + 3 more coming soon for PC

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Update: I forgot to mention that Yakuza Kiwami is supposed to be coming to game pass soon as well.

Sorry if you guys bought Journey to the Savage Planet from the spring sale. I was thinking about picking it up and now very glad that I didn't. I don't know why they would put it on sale when it was coming to game pass. I know that maybe not everyone has game pass, but a lot of us do because of the $1 upgrade promotion. These games were supposed to be added on April 9th, but they're up a day early. Anyway, enjoy!

Update: They show up under recently added now. I actually discovered JTTSP when I was just browsing the store and it showed that it was on game pass instead of showing a price.

Alvastia Chronicles
Journey to the Savage Planet

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Feb 19, 2017
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That does not look particularly good really....
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More generic trash ?

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Nov 14, 2017
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Journey to the savage planet is an excellent game. Main complaint I see is that it gets repetitive in end game, which is true, but I find that true of many games, including some of my favorite games. If you're into exploration games this will provide you a good 20-30 hours of fun.
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Oct 26, 2012
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Football Manager 2020 is a great add for PC. However when I tried it last year, I wasn't able to mod it freely like the Steam version... hopefully it's more lax this year