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Game-sharing on the Switch

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  • Dec 7th, 2019 7:48 am
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Game-sharing on the Switch

Man, Reddit & Google got a little confusing and I'm hop-ing on the Switch boat soon.

1. My sister abroad just bought a console. She has Account A with 6 games.

2. If I buy a Switch and set her Account A as primary on my system, I am aware I can play under Account A, B, C, D etc etc. Online or Offline. No 3-hour restriction.

3. If her console is NOT registered as primary, I know she needs WiFi.
My question is this: With WiFi, does that mean she can play only under Account A? If she does use Account A with wifi and a friend wants to play local co-op on the same system, can they join or no?

On the PS4, sharing is crystal clear to me. This I'm finding a harder time getting the up-to-date info. Thanks RFD.
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I have the physical carts for almost all of the Nintendo Switch games I own except for the ones that ones that only released digitally
but another RFD member answered this in the Nintendo eShop sale thread:


Quotes that answer your question for a household with 3 Nintendo Switches with digitally purchased games shared on one account:

It is pretty much exactly the same as with PS4.
Since your sister bought the games, she should be the one that has her Switch set as the Primary console otherwise
you would be a bad brother if she has to connect to the internet to play her own games instead of having the offline option.
jiayejoe wrote: The online requirement is only needed if you have more than one Switch, on the ones that are not listed as your "Primary Switch" for your account.

For example, you have 3 Switches. You can download your digital games on all Switches by using the account that purchase the game. Your account must have a "Primary Switch" attached to it, so let's you have :
Switch A : Primary Console
Switch B: Secondary Console
Switch C: Secondary Console

You will only be able to play the game on one Switch at a time. Switch A will never require Internet connection to launch the game since it's your primary console, but Switch B & Switch C will need internet access to launch the game.

JonSnow wrote: You can play the same game on multiple systems, based on the example in this thread. Since A is primary and does not need to check in, use any other profile other than the one that bought the game. Switch A will let you play under any profile online or offline. With Switch B/C you have to be connected to the Internet and can only play with the profile that bought the game. I don't think there is a way to play on 3 system at the same time.

My nephew and I both have a switch, his Switch is set as primary on my Nintendo account, he uses my profile to download games i bought then signs into his profile to play. I use my switch normally with my Nintendo account, i just always have to be online. For my switch i created a secondary Nintendo account so that i can set my switch as primary if it ever gets lost.
jiayejoe wrote: Thanks for the clarification. So that confirms you can play on:
A (online/offline) & B (online)
A (online/offline) & C (online)
but not B & C at the same time