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Gaming Laptop (MSI/Acer)

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Jun 14, 2011
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Gaming Laptop (MSI/Acer)

I am looking Gaming laptop of MSI/Acer for my kid under $800-$850. Please advise. Thanks,
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Nov 7, 2004
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shakilhyd wrote: I am looking Gaming laptop of MSI/Acer for my kid under $800-$850. Please advise. Thanks,
Based on my limited experience with gaming laptop, I'd recommend getting a desktop or a console instead. Perhaps, cheapest M1 MBA or iPad for non-serious gaming?
The reason I recommend avoid gaming laptop is from my experience they are not reliable. Perhaps, only using iGPU except for high demand tasks like serious gaming?
- Had a Dell gaming laptop with GTX 10x0 IIRC, keyboard died roughly after 1 year. Never had this with other laptops even a non-business laptops from Dell itself lasted 5 years. A cheap non-gaming non-business laptop from Acer had a key cap popped out, but I was able to put it right back in.
- My new Dell G15 had a motherboard died after 6 weeks, and now the GPU fan temp sensor stopped working at ~ 8 weeks.

OTOH, my ThinkPad Yoga from 2014 is still working (although had power brick and HDD replaced due to failures.) Nintendo Wii over 10 years old, still working. PS2 close to 20 years old, still working. But perhaps, it's just my bad luck with (Dell) gaming laptops.

If you're really set on gaming laptop, Dell in this dell-g15-gaming-laptop-i5-10500h-gtx-16 ... 0-2483072/ seems to be within the budget. However, if it turns out to be a lemon like mine, I don't think it's worth the headache. Lenovo Legion seems to get better reviews compared to Dell's in the same price brackets, but it's more than $850 I think.


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