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Gaming Monitor - Help?

Hey Guys,

Don't typically post here but I needed help and figured what better place than RFD.

I'm looking to buy a new gaming monitor,

I've narrowed it down to 3 options but struggling to determine which one will be the best for all round usage. With a focus on gaming of course.

1. LG 32gk850f-b
2. Samsung lc32hg70
3. AOC AGON AG322qc4

The monitor will be driven by a Radeon Vii all monitors are 1440p and support freesync2.

The LG is not curved but from reviews I have seen, it seems to be one of the best VA panels you can buy in the price range.

Both other screens are curved, I have heard the32in CHG70 has flickering problems but is still overall a very good monitor.

AOC provides good bang for buck with it feature set I'm not so sure on reviews, there seems to be alot less of them. I have never owned an AOC monitor and my only concerns with that is support, where do you go if you need customer service.

Monitor usage will primarily be gaming but I do want to start getting my feet wet with photo and video editing so it would be nice to get a monitor that will not negatively impact those activities.

Thought opinions and advice is much appreciated