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GE appliances and Home Depot

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Jul 17, 2008
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GE appliances and Home Depot

I will be buying a GE fridge from Home Depot. They are throwing in free delivery so I'm happy.

Anyone has any words to heed during this process? is the delivery personnel also involved in installing the fridge and making sure everything is working? Will they make adjustments? (for example if the door is uneven). If not, is Home Depot hiring a 3rd party if adjustments are required?

I know they say to report any damages within 48 hours. I did the mistake of not doing so with a washer and dryer I bought from them and they refused to help with anything afterwards (delivery actually dinged the machine). So this time I will be paying attention, but what are my rights if the fridge is damaged/not working/is not adjusted. Is this something I need to deal with right then at delivery? Or if I report it within 48 hours they will take care of it?

As for GE warranty, anyone dealt with them? Do they charge to send someone home if repairs are required (service call)?
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Jun 12, 2018
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I don't have past experience with this but I'm going through the process now as well looking at ranges and fridges. Likely buying a range at Home Depot in the next few days. You've done you're homework like me by the looks of it. My understanding is if you see something wrong upon delivery which is unacceptable you should refuse the delivery. Make them bring another one. If you don't see an issue right away put the unit through it's paces during that 48 hour window to test everything. After that 48 hours it's out of Home Depots hands and the manuf. warranty will have to deal with it. Are you considering the added on 4 year extended warranty/protection plan?

Gotta see if I can get free delivery tomorrow for a range. The new flyer this week is advertising it but the range I want has a promo that ends tomorrow.

Home Depot website mentions they do basic hookups of fridges but I wouldn't count on them being as thorough as I'd like. I hope I'm wrong on that

I haven't gone through the GE warranty statement but my guess is home service calls are covered. I would review it closely if I were you to confirm. I read the Samsung and Frigidaire manuf. warranties tonight actually for two ranges and both mentioned in there own words in-house or service calls were covered in the manuf. 1 year warranties. Since they're included in the 1 year warranties, they're also included in the extended protection plan.
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Nov 25, 2004
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we had a front load ge washer and that thing was a piece of crap. the thing would get the cloths all in to a ball and it would keep going off balance making constant loud thumps till u stopped it and pulled the cloths apart so it could sort it self out. they sent a tech out and said everything was working right.

funny because the Frigidaire we had before that never did that and the samsung we replaced it with don't do it either. the dryer also was crap it took forever to get clothes dry
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Feb 7, 2017
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Eastern Ontario
GE ... make sure you read reviews
(Here on RFD and elsewhere)

Know there have been RFDers who said they HATED their GE Appliances
(Even the top of the line Profile, Cafe & Monogram series)

Personally, we lean more towards Frigidaire Corp
Or Whirlpool Group (Whirlpool - Maytag - Kitchenaid)

Current fridge is an 18 year old Frigidaire
Basic Top Mount Freezer model
Works like a dream
Never had a spot of trouble
SO would like to update ... just for something newer
Be that a French door, or Bottom Mount Freezer
Lol, when this one gets to 20, I might just do that
& Renovate the kitchen
This great fridge will then no doubt become “The Beer Fridge”in the basement or garage
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Jul 17, 2008
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Reviews are generally good. I was looking at whirpool side by side, but this model actually is better, is bigger and fits better in the corner where old fridge is. Being in a corner, 1 door makes it much easier to access it, vs the left door that would bang on the wall and couldn't open fully.

This is what I wanted initially: ... 1001090400

This is the one I ended up with ... 1001003755

A 36" would've been nice, but I am stuck with 33", as my corner space is only just over 34". I did wanted a almost 70" tall and the whirlpool was just too short, and the freezer door would've only been able to open 90º because of the wall. So in the end decided with the GE as it is quite crazy big. Very deep so it will stick out a bit. It was only 1495 in-store actually, vs website which states 100 more. And manage to get free ship by simply talking with a staff.

One I just saw today (already placed order for GE) is this: ... 1000802598#

Significantly more reviews (and even better). But $150 more and smaller space (but not as fat). I'm wondering if I should head to HD to cancel my GE and get this whirlpool instead. if GE will work fine, I'm getting a bigger fridge for less, hence why I'm torn, as buying a whirlpool will not guarantee trouble free.