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Are Geekbench results comparable between iPad and a desktop?

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  • Nov 13th, 2018 1:08 pm
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Aug 15, 2013
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Are Geekbench results comparable between iPad and a desktop?

So you telling me my new iPad is faster at 18k Geekbench score than my 6-core desktop CPU at 14k? and I've been shopping for 2700X, but it only gets 17k, are you kidding me, why would I make a new build that's already weaker than a tablet. I only use computers for painting (art) and I guess I can do that on an iPad and not upgrade PC for a while.
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Jan 10, 2017
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Quick answer is No.

Tablets uses a different CPU architecture which means they speak differently and do tasks differently, you can ask both of them to paint a picture, how they paint it will be entirely different. The scoring using Geekbench tries to apply a leveled rating system between platforms, which brings issues such as asking for tasks that are better on one architecture that the other will do worse on.

Ask yourself what you are trying to run? These two CPU architectures runs very different applications, you don't see ARM (tablet) cpus run more than 1 app in the foreground, compared to your Windows PC running a game, a browser, and playing a twitch stream with an antivirus software scanning in the backgorund.

iPad is fast, but does not run the tools that people would like to replace the high-end PC systems they use for work or gaming.


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