Genesis, Toyota among Consumer Reports’ top picks

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  • Feb 25th, 2018 1:54 pm
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Genesis, Toyota among Consumer Reports’ top picks

Tesla knocked off top of EV hill by Chevrolet, Hyundai's Genesis brand takes luxury crown from Audi

Looks like there is a shift in the value and quality of luxury and EV's top picks.
At No. 8, Tesla remained the highest-rated American auto brand. But it doesn’t make the best electric car. That honor went to General Motor’s all-electric Chevrolet Bolt, which won in the new Compact Green Car category. ... auto-picks
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I still remember the first time I saw a genesis on the road, thought it was a good looking fancy sports car - didn't recognize the brand, just saw the emblem with wings but couldn't make it out until the next red light. Researched and found it was made by Hyundai, lost interest immediately lol
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Martin (deal addict) wrote: By phasing out vehicles that rated badly like the Dart and Chrysler 200 with early version of 9 speed auto? New Compass is a big improvement over predecessor.
You believe Acura is worse than Chrysler?
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batista99 wrote: How did Chrysler move up the ranks so much in 1 year? I think this is bullshit. ... cles-2018/
The article stated why Chrysler moved ahead: "...thanks largely to high road-test scores and the average reliability of its Pacifica minivan."

Remember - Chrysler only has the 300 and the Pacifica.

The main message from these ratings is that reputation alone is not a good reason to buy or discount a manufacturer.


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