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Jul 24, 2008
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Get Cell Plan as Corporation?

I'm incorporated as a consultant. I'm currently on the $15/month data-only through Fido and VoIP is good enough for personal use but not sufficiently reliable for my work, so I'm looking to switch to a voice plan. Should I transfer my phone # to a new corporate plan and provide it to myself as an employee? Or keep it as a personal plan?

I believe my new plan would satisfy the CRA's 3 criteria for not being a taxable benefit. Or I can show that $15/month is exactly the benefit being provided.

Can I get promotional plans from the 2nd-tier carriers as a corporation or will I have to get a business plan from one of the 1st-tier carriers? (In which case, losing the deal might negate any tax savings).
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May 8, 2009
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Depends how you file your taxes. This thread should have been posted under small business or cellphones IMO. Anyway, many sole proprietors "expense" telecommunications on consumer accounts, which is generally easy to do for home office. Some consumer accounts are willing to include the business name in the billing info, while it remains a consumer account.

That said, there's no denying that business account would be a sure shot for a business expense to the CRA. However, the subbies won't do business accounts (only parent brands and regional carriers).

OP if you are an Android user and don't mind getting a dual-sim phone, you could remain on the Fido tablet plan, and add a talk & text line on prepaid (Chatr/Public/Lucky/Fizz) and only use the data on the Fido sim. No business account involved, but you could get more credit card rewards by buying airtime for the prepaid line at grocers.
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