Getting CHEAP CHEAP textbooks --- continued

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Mar 6, 2015
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Getting CHEAP CHEAP textbooks --- continued

THe game wrote: You can try comparing the prices of online stores @
d_jedi wrote:
I'll be trying them out myself for a couple of books that cost $100+ here but are ~$30, shipped from India (the shipping actually costs more than the book itself!)
squall458 wrote: its not legal, but i say photocopy the book. some books are outrageously priced and you only need them for one term. try and find a buddy to split the cost :)
Sylvestre wrote: I strongly strongly strongly suggest this as well. While it may be unethical and illegal, I cannot see any justification in universities suggesting books that you will use for 1 semester (and usually only a few chapters and yet knowing the book costs three figures.
Tharyn wrote: I find it kind of ridiculous that so many people here advocate photocopying text books, ugh, and I'm sure you let all your friends "photocopy" your assignments as well.
Not only is it illegal but it's just plain riduclous, to sit down and photocopy a 600+ textbook is just beyond me.
Personally I'd say just buy the book, you're already paying so much for tuition, it won't make that big of a difference.
Mr.Manic wrote: I've never photocopied textbook before, but I have managed to download a few. I saved over $200 on one textbook that was required for a class last year by downloading it, only to find out that we had absolutely no use for the textbook in the course at any point. So basically the prof got 90% of the class to buy a $200+ textbook for absolutely no reason but I was lucky enough to save my money. Leason learned: unless you are buying the book used and for a steep discount, wait until you know for sure you actually need the book before you buy it.
The bf4u and 1st2ndb websites seem to be running; has anyone been using them?
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Get it brand new or used. Don't get photocopy. When new edition come out someone has to be the first one to buy the new one before someone can get it used. You need to contribute to the buying of the book so the cycle continues.

Also there are custom print where I guess people are still building a text book so they get permission from the author before the produce their custom print.

Alternatively, you can spend all your time at the library and make your own notes never signing the book out. I have done that before so I don't even have to buy the textbook.