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Getting frustrated with Property Mgmt Company - any ideas?

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May 15, 2012
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Getting frustrated with Property Mgmt Company - any ideas?

Looking for ideas on what to do in my situation here:

We have a property in Warman, SK and we do not reside in that area. When we found out we were being relocated for work, we attempted to put the house for sale but after six months of not selling at a reasonable price we decided to go with a property mgmt company till the market goes back up (whenever that will be).

Long story short, I thought they were a good company but the quality of service since has been subpar. They are hard to communicate with or get any answers from (takes several days for them to respond to any email). I'm getting pretty tired of this. Earlier when we were missing 75% of the expected rent due to repairs that were not notified about, I posted a review about their severe lack of communication or notifying of repairs on their facebook page. She subsequently removed all reviews and the option to put a review. The owner, the lady we have been dealing with, then called my husband crying, saying how she was personally attacked by my facebook review (I didn't say any names just that there are significantly lacking in communication, and therefore would not recommend). During that episode, she stated that she doesn't think her company is the best fit for us - which I think is a way for us to get out of the two year contract without paying any fees.

Since then, still hard to get a hold of and we have been passed onto a different manager to deal with. We recently got the annual inspection report and it stated that the front door knob is broken, and that the tenants did not have the passcode to the keypad deadbolt. The door knob itself is new, we replaced it before we left and I gave the passcode to the company for the door. So we inquired how this was possible, how the doorknob broke and how have we just heard after six months that the tenants do not know the passcode to the door. It has been about four days and no response, no email saying they will look into this and get back to us, just silence.

I'm tired of this unprofessional service and immaturity from the owner, I was hoping to get opinions on what my future actions could be. I'm tempted to switch companies, but we are worried about the fees we have to pay to cancel the current contract (2 year contract, 6 months in), how long it would take to rent out and more importantly if this type of service occurs again. We don't want to put the house back on the market since from our knowledge, it is still slow in that area and we believe if we hold on to it, it could bring a large profit in the future (due to the landsize).

Am I overreacting? What should we do?

Edit: I'm also worried about being rude to these people since we are not in the area and I'm not sure what they would do.... eg let our property get trashed
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I own rentals that are 3 hours flight away, so I also heavily relied on my property manager to ensure business is taken care of. And I have also fired a couple of property manager because of delay in remittances of rent or excessive charge in repair expenses. My advise to you is to look for another property management company and make the switch right away. Try to ask for a mutual release of contract, and may be use poor communication as well as the previous conversation with your husband as leverage. But also be prepare to pay the penalty as their services and your relationship with them is not going to improve over time as obviously, they have already lost your trust.

But this time with the new management company, just make sure there is no cancellation fee if you are not happy with their service. Good properties manager will tend to agree to this as they are confident with the service they provide.


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