Getting organized - suggestions for a day planner

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Jul 31, 2012
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Getting organized - suggestions for a day planner

I work in a job where part of my time is meeting clients and another portion is admin (stats, reports, projects etc). We use appointment scheduling software for client activity. I am looking for a notebook or day planner system where I can track my daily to do items (like phone calls, emails, follow up) and also have room to take down some notes from meetings I attend. I feel like all I can find is day planners that allot much space to the schedule and very little room for much else, or pretty plain undated notebooks that make it hard to put in things in advance.
Yes, I have tried using my work calendar for reminders etc but I really find it works better for me to write down tasks, for example plan what I need to accomplish outside of my client meetings.

I can’t be the only person who would like a day planner with room for notes? Are there products out there I am missing?
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Old school ...
A Day-Timer®️
If they don’t have what you want
Then no one makes it

Not cheap ... but it’s an organization system
That you buy once ... and then add refills (or other options) to ... as need be

Sounds to me like you need either their 1 Page per Day, or 2 Pages per Day set up

Day-Timers®️ was what everyone in biz used BEFORE we had Palm Pilots, Blackberrys, or iPads
They were definitely the GOLD STANDARD for many decades
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Jul 31, 2012
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I’ll check it out
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I use Basecamp and it's been great. There's a place for notes, tasks, you can attach a document and add deadlines to each to-do. You will get notifications as you approach the deadline and on the day. You can also store documents, view your task in a calendar, etc. Been using it for 3 years now.
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If you are running Office 365 I would recommend checking out OneNote and the various reminder / note taking options in Office
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OneNote because it's searchable, cloud based backups and cross platform.

It's a lifesaver when you're trying to remember something you wrote down but not exactly....just search instead of flipping through paper pages of your notebook.

If you're not in the Office 365 ecosystem, Google Keep is free but not as powerful.