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Gift Advice: Best Tablet for Under $300

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  • Feb 27th, 2017 2:25 pm
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Gift Advice: Best Tablet for Under $300

Hello RFD!

My girlfriends Birthday is coming up and I want to get her a tablet to play games/watch vidoes / music etc (biggest concern is battery and processing power for and videos anything can do) whens shes on the go. I have a budget of $300 to spend. I'm going through CNET and Tom's Hardware reviews as a starter but if anyone at RFD's has experience with a tablet they would recommended I would really appreciate it.

Also, I know things like Nintendo switch exists. She is not a hardcore gamer she will play like solitarica and candy crush. So Video Player / E-Reader is primary function. Gaming is secondary function but primary performance concern from a purchasing standpoint.

For my price point I assume I am going with an Android OS but I really have no preference.

So far looking at: NVIDIA Shield K1 ... +TABLET+K1
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I know it's not under $300, but I'm going to say it. Nintendo Switch.
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SickBeast wrote: I know it's not under $300, but I'm going to say it. Nintendo Switch.
Edited post once I realized what responses i would get. Primary function of the tablet is not gaming but as she does play mobile games it is a functional concern. So I have to eliminate tablets in the very cheap range that essentially only act as E-Readers.
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Second the shield. If have an Amerifriend can save a few bucks from US site ... dia+shield Perhaps not worth it if need soon.

Look at Lenovo yoga tab 3 as well.

If can wait bit longer then Apple should be releasing new Ipdas soon so might be able to get good deal on current gen Ipads.
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georvu wrote: If can wait bit longer
It's a birthday gift. You can't give it to her at your convenience.

The tablet market on android is too fragmented. I'm not a fan of Apple but the mini is within your budget and it will do everything you need. Getting video on an iPad is a bit of s chore but it can be done.
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