Giving a van to my mother in Michigan

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Oct 3, 2012
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Giving a van to my mother in Michigan

I live in Ontario. I'm giving my mother my 2013 van. She lives in Michigan.

My plan is to send the vehicle via a commercial service to her, since the border is still closed.

The one thing the importer lists they will need that has me a bit confused is bill of sale.

Normally when giving a vehicle to a parent one would fill out form 013-1157E. If I were selling it
to someone within Ontario, I get a used vehicle kit from service Ontario, and both would sign it.
As I understand it that normally counts as a bill of sale. But I'm not at all certain, which if either
consists of an appropriate bill of sale when giving a vehicle to a relative across the border.
Clearly, she cannot sign the paperwork, unless I mail it to her, and have her mail it back...
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Sep 4, 2006
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Put it in her name in Ontario, as a gift, then send it to the US so she can transfer her van to herself in MI. Alternatively, sell it local, give her the money along with what it would have cost to ship it. She'll likely get something better there with the combined funds.
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Check into transport but I suspect you'll find it might be way more than you were thinking. Based on my experience, transporting a vehicle across international lines is super expensive. Best quote I got was $1600CAD to transport a small car about 10kms from close to US border to just past CAD border and this DID NOT include actual Customs processing and I had to hire another company to handle that.

Also, I've only inquired about US->Canada but in that direction, the gift is NOT tax-free (like it is within Canada) so it's possible that she'll be responsible for taxes on the gift at market value.

You may have to wait until one of you is able to cross the border or find one of those companies that are offering "car transport for Snowbirds" (I know there's a company around Montreal that's doing it for about $1000CAD but that only gets it from the CAD side of the border to the US side of the border).


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