Go Cat, Da Bird Feather Teaser Cat Toy

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Jan 28, 2014
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Go Cat, Da Bird Feather Teaser Cat Toy

I highly recommend this particular cat teaser toy. Having very recently acquired 2 cats and having watch Jackson Galaxy and his cat teaser toys out I went and bought other versions but then came across the Go Cat, Da Bird this past Thursday. Our 15 year old likes both but prefers the shorter handled regular type, but our 10 year old loves the Go Cat, Da Bird toy beyond belief. It tires him out - maybe it is too much for the 15 year old. The Go Cat is much longer in the handle and it does look like a flying bird.

We haven't had a cat in 15 years - prior to that cats and dogs, and for the past year we had neither.

Those of you who have cats may well know of the Go Cat line but we obviously didn't. But I highly recommend it. These cats are not ones to play generally but they present themselves for play time now that we have the teasers and the younger one stays on for "his" toy.

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