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Good experience with NVidia (and Visions)

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Feb 2, 2010
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Good experience with NVidia (and Visions)

While the general trend for posting in the shopping forum is to report a bad experience, I thought I'd buck the trend and report a good one. My almost 5-year old Nvidia Shield died on me about 3 weeks ago while the wife and I were watching a move on it via Plex. I tried to troubleshoot it to determine if it was the power supply or the unit itself, but I didn't have fine enough test probes to get into the (proprietary) charger connector, so I took it to a local Visions outlet and they let me test it against the power supply from an open box unit. Kudo's to Visions for letting me do this, they were very helpful even knowing I wasn't going to buy anything, and with their power supply I was able to determine the unit was faulty, saving me from buying a replacement power supply. Just purely as a what-the-heck move, I contacted NVidia via chat and told them the unit had died. I told them up-front my unit was way out of warranty, and just asked if there was anything they could do. They asked for proof of purchase and a pic of the serial number, which I sent along. Within a day I had an RMA number and a prepaid Fedex shipping label. I shipped the unit on a Friday and by the following Thursday I had a new (refurb) unit and power supply in my hands. When the unit died I was really put out, as ~5 years isn't IMHO an appropriate lifespan for a top-of-the-line android box that costs at least double what most of the competitors sell for, but given this experience, I'll not hesitate to buy another Nvidia product. Compared to the nonsense I'm currently going through with Denon over my faulty HT receiver, the difference in customer service is night and day.


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