good independent Mercedes auto shop?

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Dec 29, 2005
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good independent Mercedes auto shop?

I have been a more than fifteen year loyal customer of McNally Auto, but they have changed for the worst.

Charlie isn't as hands-on, and the business seems to have changed for the worst. charlie used to take the time to explain and show what needs to be done. Now this personal touch is gone, and I get pressured to get services done that aren't needed yet, or not at all.

They have even gone so far as to push for $25 'fuel additive' at every service, which I have politely declined. They seem to say they recommend it strongly, and that 'it is my car and up to me in the end'.

Yesterday I asked diagnosis from vibration when braking. They recommended front brake pads and rotors and when I questioned if the rotors could be machined, they said rudely 'there is no such thing as machining in this shop; we always replace the rotors because of safety issues!'. They could have told me nicely that the rotors were too thin to be machined, instead of treating me like some moron.

Are there any other good independent shops dealing with Mercedes vehicles, in the GTA, preferably in the east end, but I will travel to west end if shop is good.
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Dec 25, 2002
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I also want to know if anyone know anybody in Vancouver.