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Good quality shower curtain tension rod

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May 26, 2016
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Good quality shower curtain tension rod

Hi Guys!

I am currently looking to replace my old glass door in my bathroom with a shower curtain tension rod because I am going to be a dad soon and if I don't replace it, I won't be able to bath my kid comfortably.

Do you have any suggestions of rods which are good quality, won't rust within a year and the most important criteria, doesn't fall all the time while taking a shower or on my kid.

Thank you so much!
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Apr 17, 2016
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You can get ones that screw into the walls/tile, and there is little chance they would fall.

I personally would recommend one that curves out from the tub (think ( shaped) so that it gives you extra space when in the shower and when curtain is open, doesn't affect you. I installed one in my past condo and it was great.

I can't recommend a specific one, just wanted to provide some other feedback I think is beneficial.
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Jun 12, 2008
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I agree with @gfnstew . Get one that screws into the wall and definitely get a curved one. We have a Moen brand one that has held up really well. No rust. We installed it in 2011 and with 6 people in the house, there have been a lot of showers. Don't cheap out on curtain hooks.

https://www.homedepot.ca/product/moen-a ... 1000663536


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