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Goodlife Personal Trainer question - Level 3 PT is leaving...

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  • Jun 3rd, 2018 2:13 pm
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Goodlife Personal Trainer question - Level 3 PT is leaving...

Good day,

I started with a personal trainer about 2 months ago at Goodlife. It was a Level 3 trainer as I am recovering from a broken knee. I signed up for a 6 month commitment at 3x a week.

Things have gone really well, losing about 12 pounds in 2 months, eating a ton better, and a new weights regiment. I'm really motivated, and am happy where things are. I've only missed 2 sessions in 2 months, so really motivated.

Went into the gym earlier this week, and my PT told me he is going elsewhere (non-gym) for another gig and won't be doing PT anymore. Happy for the guy, but have some questions

I paid for a level 3, and am being offered a level 2 - is there any way to get a full refund as I'm paying for a level 3, and the other level 3 PTs aren't my cup of tea as far as their experience goes.

I'm expecting to get a couple of sessions with a new trainer for me to try it out. This impacts me timing wise, and what I'm getting.

Anyone else have experience dealing with this situation? Any advice?

Incidentally, I didn't negotiate the rate I was charged. Should I have?

Any advice would be appreciated!
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First, is your contract between you and GoodLife or between you and the personal trainer?

If it's between you and the personal trainer then he is ending it with you early.

Any personal trainer you now encounter is a new contract, no?