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Google youtube - ILLEGAL SUPER CHAT CHARGES - remove Google chrome immediately

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  • Aug 7th, 2020 2:13 pm
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Google youtube - ILLEGAL SUPER CHAT CHARGES - remove Google chrome immediately


I have been using google for 20 years now from beginning. Never had any issue.
Yesterday i got email from google to verify my payment. I initially thought it was one of those scams.

Then today i wanted to check what is that. I realised my cc was charged illegally for 400+ cad dollars yesterday

Those channels have 1k and 3 subscribers respectively. Just imagine you are in super chat with 3 subscriber channel.

Google is not solving that issue. Google says its not channel fault but your account might be used by someone else. i do not think so. I asked google provide me those ip used in super chat. they say they dont have that info

They refunded that amount, It may take 10 days.

But i want you all to know what happened to me will happen. Just remove payment info from google account. I never entered payment info onto google profile but it stole from my amazon account.

Very shady.

The whole superchat in google is shady practice.

400 dollar on superchat ? what the ****. I never been one super chat so i have no clue how it works

Anyways here is whole chat conversation

Google Support

You’re connected with agent Alex G.
2:58 PM
Any hooman here
2:58 PM
Hi, Any. In case you need to refer to this chat interaction in the future, please take note of the following ID: 9-4532000030277.
Alex G · 2:59 PM
2:59 PM
I understand that you've contacted us about, as you see the illegal charges on your payment page.
Alex G · 2:59 PM
yesterday i got email from google saying Payment information verification needed
i thought someone spamming
Then today i checked first time ever on to google payments page with ****email
I saw weird charges
3:00 PM
Thank you for sharing the detailed information.
Alex G · 3:00 PM
I never added my cc to google but it stole my payment made to other website into google payment
3:00 PM
No to worry, I will put my best of effort to help you with your query.
Alex G · 3:00 PM
This account is for youtube browsing and never use it for any payments
Why charges> if it is real ..i want to know what happen.. because in near future i i setup youtube channel i do not want security issue with payments
3:01 PM
May I know on which email account do you see the illegal charges?
Alex G · 3:01 PM
initiual thought is delete ****email*** but i thought i talk to google first
3:02 PM
Sure, I will certainly look into this and help you with an information.
Alex G · 3:02 PM
if people charge me watching youtube videos i probably stop using youtube completely.
3:02 PM
It looks like you've recently closed your "****email***" payment profile.
Alex G · 3:02 PM
i did because i thought google has virus
3:03 PM
Any, using Google Pay for purchases ensures that all of your payment methods are stored securely and never shared with the merchant.
However, I request you to please secure your account by changing your password and set up password protection for Play purchases, turn on two step verification so that you can avoid this happening any further.
Alex G · 3:04 PM
problem is charges happened on walmark bank card but that card is crap. wont show charges until next payment date... but before that i want to ensure no hacking going on with my account or illegal charges. its first time ever some chatrges
UI dont use google pay
I dont use google for any payment.
Now i am scared to use any google product.
i am using amazon so far no illegal charges
I wnat to know what those charges i saw in my account so i want to be careful in future
Due to suspicious activity, we’ve suspended the ability to make payments through your account on Google products and services to prevent unauthorized charges.

To reinstate your ability to make payments, we need to verify that you’re an authorized user of the form of payment you’ve most recently used with Google.

Click here to go through the verification process. You'll need to upload:
Proof of ownership of the payment method, such as an image or scan of the instrument or bank statement

A scan of government-issued photo ID that confirms the billing name on the instrument

Please do not create new Google accounts to make purchases while the verification process is in progress, as they may also be suspended. For more information on the verification process, visit Google Payments help center.

The personal information you provide here will be added to your payments profile. It will be stored securely and treated in accordance with the Google Privacy Policy and where applicable, the Google Payments Privacy Notice.
That is email i got from google
3:06 PM
In order to check the account, I need to have your Google Pay account open. I see that your Google Payments account is closed and I wouldn't be able to check the account details and charges.
Alex G · 3:06 PM
I thought somone fishing for info...trashed it.. then today i went to google payment page...soome knda charges were there
so if i reopen can u see?
how do i repone
i want to know what happen first
i want to decide to close all gmail account or not
3:08 PM
Okay, may I know where exactly do you see the charges?
Alex G · 3:08 PM
i will move all my email to apple
3:08 PM
I mean on bank account or Google Pay account.
Alex G · 3:08 PM,com
i logged in ****email***.com and went to that page
3:08 PM
Just to confirm, may I know does anyone from your friend or family have access to your account?
Alex G · 3:09 PM
it used one my cc
Not one
Also i never enetered my cc info into google profile
it took it from my payments on other websites
3:10 PM
Thank you for confirming the details.
Alex G · 3:10 PM
My concern is where this charges come from
3:10 PM
In order to check the details and charges, I need access your account.
Alex G · 3:10 PM
how do you get that
what do u need
3:10 PM
To access your account, you need to re-open your closed payment account.
Alex G · 3:11 PM
where should i go
3:11 PM
I'd like to reach out to my specialist team about your issue to re-open your account.
Do you mind if I place you on a 1-5 minute hold?
Alex G · 3:12 PM
3:12 PM
I just got connected with the specialist team, as soon as I get an update from them I will help you with the information.
Alex G · 3:15 PM
Let me know whats going on
why there was charge when i was just browing youtube...never in any super chat ..or what ever... now it scared me to go to youtube with google login
i deleted profile few hour ago thinking someone hacked my account
actually 35min ago>> just before i got into google chat
3:17 PM
I am checking this issue with my specialist team.
Appreciate your patience. I am going to need 3 more minutes to look into this further.
Alex G · 3:18 PM
Anyone here?
if i get charged its illegal by google. i do not see anyone else has access to google payment system.
i used to think google is foolproof .
3:21 PM
Thank you for staying connected.
I am to confirm you that your account has been successfully re-opened by our specialist team.
Alex G · 3:22 PM
what ever charges there its illegal. i dont approve. Also i need to know what happened
3:23 PM
Sure, let me quickly pull up your "****email***" account and check the details for you.
I've looked into your Google Pay account and I see that your account is temporarily deactivated by our specialist team for an offline check.
May I know if you've submitted the documents to complete the account verification?
Alex G · 3:25 PM
Nope. i wont ...
This browse only account
If i want to have normal youtube account i probably will add separate email
Whole problem happen is google stole my cc info and put it into this account
3:26 PM
In order to reactivate your account, you would need to submit a few documents to verify your identity.
Alex G · 3:26 PM
I never added my cc into this account. i never even went to payment page on this account ..
i dont want to reactivate. i only want to know what happened so i want to see whether to delete all my gmail account and move to apple
i want to know google is safe to use
3:27 PM
No worries, I will explain you with the detailed information
Shall I?
Alex G · 3:28 PM
go ahead sir
Slightly Smiling Face3:28 PM
Before I proceed, I need to ask you a few query about payment method?
Alex G · 3:29 PM
I just wnat to know info. Payment method i want to give.
its walmart cc card you try to charge
3:29 PM
May I know if you've recently signed up/registered on any website using Google Chrome browser, where you were asked to provide the card details?
Alex G · 3:30 PM
3:30 PM
Not to worry, most of the users have no idea, if you try to use the website or make any payment, due to the Chrome Auto-fill feature Google Payments account will be activated.
Alex G · 3:30 PM
Actually i dont know... May be i stop using chrome and use firefox only
I dont like google storing my info
its like stealing info...i dont like OVERLORDS
Just tell mw what happened. Asking all questions
I just want to avoid anything troublesome
3:31 PM
Now that you've answered the query, let me explain you about this what happened.
Here's the reason: using advanced technology systems our specialist team has determined that your account should be manually reviewed to ensure account is safe and secured.
Also, our specialist team found unusual activity on your account because of which they want you to submit the documents to verify your account. I’m sorry for the inconvenience; however, this was done solely for the protection of your account.
Alex G · 3:32 PM
i only want to know why those charges
That will allow me to stop using chrome and all google products. Without my approval nothing should happen. I like privacy...and i am not seeing with this illegal charges
3:33 PM
Please be informed, Google is just a payment platform and never charges or hold the charges on your card. As we do not have access to your card information.
Only financial institution has the access to your bank card.
Alex G · 3:35 PM
tell your supervisor not to store my cc info into google account without user approval
People only allow google to store for use it in same website , they do not give approval to used in google account
first of all why my cc info on to my ****email*** I never approve of that
people only think chrome is storing cc info in cache so they dont need to renter. but it should not be used for google services
3:37 PM
Here's the link you can refer to Google privacy policy:
Alex G · 3:37 PM
First tell me what are those charges and where it come from
you did not tell me about it and talking about everything else
someone hacked my account?
3:37 PM
As the charges are referring to YouTube services and I support only Google Pay related queries.
Let me transfer you to the YouTube support team.
Alex G · 3:38 PM
how do i find that info
transfer there
i need to know before i close all my gmail account
3:38 PM
You can find the information at under "Activity".
Alex G · 3:39 PM
i know i never been in superchat
so those charges are false and tricked
3:39 PM
No worries, we have a dedicated team for YouTube premium users, who can look up to your account and provide you the information better.
Alex G · 3:39 PM
3:40 PM
Please stay connected while I transfer our chat to them. They shall be able to assist you with this information.
Alex G · 3:40 PM
i need to solve this before anything else...i may have to browse youtube without logging into google...
connect pls
3:41 PM
Sure thing, please stay connected on chat while I transfer to the support team.
Alex G · 3:42 PM
google makes everything difficult. its like paypal. it used to scam people. why i get charged without my approval. i never into super chat. i dont even know there is super chat ...what the hell
3:43 PM
I've just initiated a chat transfer. A representative from the YouTube team shall join us shortly. Please stay connected.
Alex G · 3:45 PM
3:46 PM
You’re connected with agent John.
3:46 PM
Alex G left the chat.
3:46 PM
Hi there!
John · 3:46 PM
why there is a charge on my account
3:46 PM
I can see you're chatting in about some charges.
John · 3:46 PM
I never been super chat and dont know how to get there anyways
I want to know hhow google tricked me so i can avoid google altogether
I hate deception
Without my explicit approval nothing should happen
3:47 PM
Wait, I'm not sure what exactly is going on too, but I am here to help and figure out what's going on. I'm on a strict budget recently so I can imagine how getting unexpected charges feels.
First, can you tell me your email address so I can check, Alex?
John · 3:48 PM
I dont approve of any charges on me browing youtube
It should never happen
i want to know why it happened on what channel ..
3:48 PM
I understand, and I don't want you to be charged with anything you're not using either.
John · 3:49 PM
I dont approve of any charged from youtube
3:49 PM
I just need a few more details to start with and figure out what's going on.
Let's start with checking your account.
John · 3:49 PM
This account is for youtube browsing and i dont even have my cc on google aaccount but google stole my cc and try to charge me
weird shit
3:49 PM
Can you please tell me your email address so we can check?
John · 3:50 PM
I nitially thought some hackers sending email...then my curiosity i checked..voila some friggin charge. i mean i have been browsing youtube from beginning...never tricked like this before
3:51 PM
Thanks. Loading it now.
Yeah, I can see the Super chat charges here.
John · 3:52 PM
is it done by channel owner or google? How did they get me into superchat without me approve of it...what kinda scam is this
3:52 PM
Would it be possible that someone you know may have made these? Maybe played around with your phone or other detives?
John · 3:52 PM
is my account hacked >
There is no one ...
I just want to know what channel charged this...
i changed password few times already
I am here to find what exactly happened
what is that channel try to charge me... also i never know how to get into super chat.
3:53 PM
Alright. Let's just assume the worst here. I'll take care of these super chats, then I'll give you some pages on how to improve the security of your account.
John · 3:54 PM
what is this super chat
3:54 PM
Most super chat charges are from 'F-Audio,', while there are 2 more here.
John · 3:54 PM
3:54 PM
'HellerSessel' and 'Arex89'.
John · 3:54 PM
wow i never know there is a channel
Never been there
Block those guys immediately
I think my accouhnt is hacked
Because i do not know those channels
3:55 PM
Okay Don't worry Alex. I completely understand you did not made these Super Chats, and I will take care of the charges. But I can't secure the account for you as it mainly deals with personal information.
John · 3:56 PM
Did i charge someone or someone charged me
i want to know exactly
3:56 PM
You got charged, is what happened.
John · 3:57 PM
Take care of those charge is one thing. I want to know what happened
I never been to those chats
Someone have access to my account
3:58 PM
I really wish I can answer that to ease your thoughts, but we don't have the history of activities made in this account.
John · 3:58 PM
can you disable my youtube account
3:58 PM
We could assume the worst.
John · 3:58 PM
I still to use my gmail
3:58 PM
Oh, I can't do that on my end.
Okay, there's too many items being tackled. Let's do this one item at a time.
John · 3:58 PM
I never been to those channels. Definitely not yesterday or whole year
you gave two channels. and i never been to those gaming channels and chat
3:59 PM
I understand, and because of that fact we'll assume the worst that it's hacked. Now: securing the account.
John · 3:59 PM
i already changed email
Somone using my youtube account..i dont know how
4:00 PM
Okay, but there are a few more things you can do to secure the account, like setting up the 2 step verification. Please listen.
John · 4:00 PM
This is the reason i wanted to know where it get charged. you should put channel name on payment page
we could have avoided the issue
Is there a way to move my emails to another email?
I close this google account so if anyone have access...
4:01 PM
Let's stop for a moment, and take a breather.
John · 4:02 PM
it is going to repeat so i dont want to see this again
4:02 PM
I want to discuss with you each item you need hep with, but I can only do so much and barely talked about solutions t first questions.
Just to set your expectations, my team deals specifically with user questions about paid subscriptions and watching paid content like movies.
One step at a time. So, I'll take care of the charges. Yes.
Now, about securing the account.
John · 4:03 PM
Block any future charges
This is browse only account
I never though gmail can be hacked
I am worried about people using my account again and again. if it happened once it can happen many times. That is reason i wanted to know which channel did.
I need fool proof security. That means i want to use this account for youtube only for commenting stuff.
No subscription No super chat
4:06 PM
So as for securing your account, I won't be able to do it on my end as it mainly deals with personal information. I'll send you a page with ways and means to secure your account.
John · 4:08 PM
You need to tell me the IP of that super chat
4:08 PM
In addition to that, I'll walk you through the Google payments page to remove your payment method so no p'urchases will be made.
John · 4:09 PM
I delete my payment profile
4:09 PM
You can see more details of the charges here:
John · 4:09 PM
will that secure?
4:09 PM
If you mean if it's secure, you can see the details in it if oyur account is logged in to the device you're using now.
John · 4:10 PM
if someone cached my old password in their browser and i change password,,,do they have access?
i dont have time to check google charges.. One thing i realise i must remove google chrome from daily use.
Google chrome is gone. I will inform every one to remove google chrome.
it hacked my email account for sure
You should tell me the IP used for the super chat so i can dig into more details who and which place did this
Your payment page has no details of this. Need to be which channel and which ip ised to browse
So i can stop this happening again in future
changing password and removing payment profile is one thing. I need to know who did this
Only chome extension i have is honey. other extension are google extension
so it should have happened through honey..?
4:15 PM
Alex, let me set your expectations here.
John · 4:16 PM
All i want to see is no future charges. So i need to know how to block future charges and i want to know the ip used for those super chat
4:18 PM
We don't have information on who or what made the charges. All we have here, are the details of the charge itself. I can't speak on behalf of Honey, nor can I tell the IP address as we don't have that available either, if that's what you were asking for.
All I have on my end is the means to secure your account.
John · 4:18 PM
How come google dont have info? strange.
Who i can talk to find that ip ...if no ip..please tell me how to block futyre charges
illegal charges
Issue is this. Google is not helping me who hacked my account. No one knows my password unless one of those sites that uses open id?
Lots of sites i used with direct google open id? will that created this issue?
i want refund
i see walmart card charged by google

Active Account
Account ending (4209)
Account Summary
Credit Limit $1,000.00
Current Balance -$69.87
Available Credit $646.00
Cash Available $500.00
Amount Overlimit $0.00
it wont show until the next pay cycle begins
But its from google
4:26 PM
I'm still here. I'm just letting you speak your mind first.
Okay, so let's continue our topics.
John · 4:26 PM
I see charges on walmart ...its 100% from google
4:27 PM
Let's talk about 2 things: The refund and securing the account.
John · 4:27 PM
refund first
4:27 PM
As for the refund, Super chats' transactions work differently and thus might take some time to be processed for a refund.
I'll email you once it's processed.
John · 4:28 PM
Also i do not want to see someone using superchat on this account
how do i stop future charges
4:29 PM
That's for securing the account. We'll talk about that after we talk about the refund.
John · 4:29 PM
4:29 PM
I'm processing all 16 Super Chat charges, alright? Just to set expectations, it might take some time, but I will keep updating you via email until it's fully processed.
Any questions so far about the refund before we move to securing account?
John · 4:30 PM
i want all refunded and no future super chat charges because its not from me
How do i remove my cc info from my account so i dont get charged
stop using chrome?
if someone hacked my account .. they can hack it again ?
4:32 PM
Yes, that's what I just said that I'll do. If you don't have any questions about the refund, then let's move to securing the account. This includes your payment details, passwords, and other means to secure the account.
John · 4:33 PM
4:34 PM
One item at a time, please. Let's talk about your payment profile.
You can remove your payment method in pay, This should avoid any future charges. I wouldn't recommended deleting the payment profile yet as it might affect the refund we're processing, and your payment profile has your history or transactions needed to process.
John · 4:35 PM
its empty now
4:36 PM
Any questions so far with payment profile or payment method?
John · 4:36 PM
4:36 PM
What do you mean? Did you close the payment profile?
John · 4:36 PM
no.. i closed the payment profile .. one of csr activated it
so no cc info there now
do u wnat me to add cc info ?
4:37 PM
No, don't. Not just yet.
Just give me a few minutes to check what we can do with the previous payment profile closed that has the super chats.
I'll be back.
John · 4:39 PM
4:39 PM
Just checking in to let you know I'm still checking other means to refund the charges without the previous payment profile.
I'll be back.
John · 4:43 PM
Also why those channel with 3 subscriber still allow to exist in youtube? it should have beed flagged as crime? You ban good channels and not that channel?
4:44 PM
Some channels are banned or temporarily blocked if there were reports, and proven, violations with the Community standards. If you see any violations made by those channels, you can flag it for review.
John · 4:49 PM
I thought superchat should be allowed only if you have 1000subscribers or something. why there is superchat for channel with 3 subscribers
4:49 PM
Now, let's talk about the payment profile.
John · 4:49 PM
4:49 PM
For us to make the refund, I'll try to create a fix and be able to process your refund back. But with a new payment profile, I'll have to ask you to add back the card where it was charged.
You can then remove the card again once it's refunded back.
Any questions so far about the payment profile and refund being processed?
John · 4:51 PM
An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later. [OR-IEH-01
Try toa dd
4:52 PM
Are you using a phone, or computer right now?
John · 4:53 PM
4:53 PM
Try clearing the browser's cache and cookies first, then let's try adding the card back in.
John · 4:54 PM
but i will lose this chat
u there>
4:55 PM
I'm still here.
Just don't close this chat box, clearing the cache and cookies should be fine.
Just don't close the browser tab we're in.
John · 4:56 PM
same error
An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later. [OR-IEH-01]
i try with another browser
4:57 PM
Yes, please.
John · 4:57 PM
An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later. [OR-IEH-01]
same error
4:59 PM
Can we try a different device? Is your account logged in to your phone?
John · 4:59 PM
i never use phone before for payment
i can try
4:59 PM
Yes please.
Let me know how it goes.
John · 5:00 PM
same error in iphone also
seems account have to be verified?
5:03 PM
Is it asking to? Please check.
John · 5:03 PM
know i am asking
i google that error
and someone talking verifyinbg
5:04 PM
Do you see any form of notification on the page?
Check the bell icon on the top if there's anything that needs to be verified.
John · 5:05 PM
too much work
it ask me upload image of master card
is it too risky?
to upload image?
can u verify thru phone?
5:07 PM
I'm afraid I can't. See, this method will be viewed by a separate team.
John · 5:08 PM
what the hell
how do i get my refund
5:08 PM
You'll have to add the card in so the refund can be made, but if the account needs to be verified first, it has to.
John · 5:09 PM
can u verrify
i upload master card photop
5:11 PM
I can't, Alex. We on our end can't handle any personal information.
We'll just have to wait for the account to be verified, and be ready for use again.
Now, the verification might take some time, so I'll send you an email so we have a direct line.
Once the account is authenticated, and you managed to add the card back in, reply back to my email.
John · 5:13 PM
5:13 PM
Let me know that card is back in the account, then I'll process the refund for you.
John · 5:13 PM
its asking all my credit cards not one
5:13 PM
John · 5:13 PM
i uploaded one cc and its asking all my cc
5:13 PM
Well, if you only have one, then you should only place one.
John · 5:14 PM
asking all
5:14 PM
Are you doing this from
John · 5:14 PM
can u connect to people who verify
5:14 PM
I can't. We don't have a direct line with the team handling this.
Do you see an option to skip?
John · 5:15 PM
so what is the solution
why not refund by phone
to same card
5:15 PM
It doesn't work that way. It would've been smoother if we still have the payment method where the charge went through, but as it's deleted, I'll have to create a processes to link in to the payment method with the new payment profile.
Now, it's a completely separate case when authenticating this new payment profile.
Do you still remember the previous cards you've placed in this page?
John · 5:17 PM
there was two cards was pc financial 4888 ending...that i closed long time ago because some site try to use it.. so i got replacement card
your verify asking that card
I have the card that its charged ...4209 but i do not know google charged 4888...i think it try to chage 4888 also and that is why verify email came
5:19 PM
If you still remember the old card that was in the system, you can use that instead of the new one, if the new one never made it to this account.
John · 5:19 PM
i dont have old card photo
itd destroyed
Also it asking another card which i dont have
Upload a photo or copy of your card: Visa •••• 6949
how come it is asking card photo that i dont have
5:20 PM
It's probably an older one.
John · 5:21 PM
Upload a photo or copy of your card: Mastercard •••• 4888 <-- this card destroyed ..pc financial
5:21 PM
May I ask why you closed the previous payment profile?
John · 5:21 PM
I thought my email hacked
i close to stop it then i realised i should get more info..did not realise i got charged at that time. because walmart stupid cc ..only show it next cycle.
but it will show card is geting charged not detail
5:24 PM
I'll see if there's other angles we can approach this.
Please give me a few mo re minutes.
John · 5:24 PM
call me by phone and refund?
5:25 PM
I'm afraid we have limited support right now, and can't make calls due to the pandemic.
DOn't worry, I still have hopes here.
Just a moment.
One of our specialists came back with an update. We're checking if we can link the payment profile with the unblocked one.
I'll let you know if we can refund this sooner. Just a moment.
John · 5:28 PM
5:28 PM
Man, this was tough. There you go! We've manged to process your refund for all Super Chat charges!
Expect your money back in 3–5 business days but may take up to 10 business days, depending on your bank, for the money to return to your account.
You'll also receive an email confirming this request.
John · 5:29 PM
send email
Also no payment profile now. so no super charge now on
after this i need to talk to your google youtube ceo. i mean why people with low subscriber account using superchat to chargge me
5:30 PM
You should get the confirmation soon as it's system generated. Just give it a few minutes.
John · 5:30 PM
it should have been prevented in first place
the channel you gave me has 3 subscriber
i got refund for 50
but i see i got charged by google for 300+
i mean i got email for refund 50
YouTube Super Chat – On Live chat by HellerSessel
5:32 PM
As I've mentioned, please give it a few minutes. All charges totaling about $355.00 are processed for the refund. One of the charges are $50.00.
John · 5:33 PM
want to report those channels that charged me
how do i do that
so others dont get affected
5:34 PM
It's very unlikely that they are the ones who made the charge as it can only be made within the account, not from another Channel.
Which is why I'll provide information on securing the account.
John · 5:35 PM
I want to warn the world about this... i iniitially thought i might have clicked something wrong. but this is complete hack ing stuff.
why they choose that channel is my question
You really should remove super chat
its like diablo 3 auction house nightmare
people who hack emails misusing it
I am scared to use google products now. I mean it was smooth sailing until now... never had one issue with gmail or any google products
How did you allow this happen to google product?
I am not blaming google but i want to find who and how it happened. can google to do a case and find what happened and how it happened
This helps others as well.
I will provide what ever info google needed to find culprit. So others can have peace of mind
5:41 PM
Okay. There are some some Items I want to share about this case.
There are a few instances on how charges are made within the account. The more famous idea is someone may have hacked the account without having access to the actual devices it's originally logged into. Securing the account helps, as well as securing the devices it's under.
Another instance, for mine as example, is my account was logged in to an older device I used to use, and left it to my niece, without me realizing I haven't logged out of it nor did I reformat it. I later found out about it when I saw some charges from some games I know she plays.
If you're certain that the last one is definitely not the case with yours, not any old device or even current devices that someone may have borrowed the day you experienced all the charges, then you should definitely secure the account.
Now, I have some links here that I would suggest you save or bookmark.
Theses should help on securing your account, or regain access if you do lost access to your account.
Let me post the links here, just a moment.
Secure a hacked or compromised account ... 4825?hl=en

Recover your Google Account or Gmail ... 2439?hl=en

Can't sign in to your Google Account ... ic=3382255

Tips to complete account recovery steps ... ic=3382255
These should help you on securing the account, not only with passwords.
Anything else for now, though?
John · 5:46 PM
I need Google to investigate...if google dont do it ...i may have to go to court if it happened again and probably sue google for mental anguish. But first i want google to do find out who did this? From my side i can answer all my question
i need peace of mind. that is all
i do not like to be disturbed by illeagal charges
there is no way my account hacked because i changed passowrd last week
so within a week ..only option is i used open id system to login to few forums
unless open id is providing password to other websites ...
i do not see how my account can be hacked
another option i see is by mistake i installed IQYI chinese tv software ...last week ..that seems like a dangerous stuff.
That is removed
I dont see anything else happened
i just want to secure.. one option i am thinking is not to use chrome browser
This is never happened before ...its first time but i want to take steps that give me peace of mind. I will delete google chrome by pc forever. unless google take this case and give me all ip used in super chat
THINGS tend to repeat
I want to stop this at beginning
I am 10000000% sure its not me in super chat because those channel areas is not no interest to me
Also i dont like google using my credit card that i used in other site for my gmail account. did i ever authorize google to use my cc on google products ? NOPE
I did try to get Google webhosting but prices are so expensive i deleted my payment entry ..( last few month..not sure when). But never with ****email***
I want google to help me research who try to charge me. Because it may happen again. I already changed password. Now i am not sure of my main account.
This gave me super headache and i am drinnking beer to relax
Anyways ...
can you help me start a case on this?
5:55 PM
Alex, as I tried to explain earlier, we do not have any information on 'who' made the charges. We only have are the details of the charge itself but that's it. Please understand that we do not have that kind of information available even if you've asked this a few times earlier and I already to explain this again and again.
I'm trying to tackle topics that I can we can at least do something about.
John · 5:56 PM
How come google do not know ip?
I am programmer
Every tcp ip call recorded with ip
I know you probably not aware as you are csr. can i escalate this issue to your higher up.
5:57 PM
That information is not something we can't see on our end. If you want, you can visit
John · 5:57 PM
You are fantastic. There is no issue with your answer
I just want google to investigate this case
How do i make google to investigate
Do i have to take to court>
5:58 PM
Alex, we do not have that kind of support available. It's up to you if you want to push for that move, but I am only trying to help with what we could.
John · 5:58 PM
I only want to know which ip did this
5:58 PM
The information you're asking for is not something we can view on our end, but you can see something similar to this in the page I just gave.
John · 5:59 PM
Ok thanks. Now i got refunded. you have done good job in that aspect.
But i want to prevent future illegal charges. This is not resolved in that aspect. Because this is first time happened in last 20 years.
6:00 PM
Before anything else, can we please go to
John · 6:00 PM
You can tell me how to make google investigate
6:00 PM
No, we don't have that kind of support, Alex. I am not answering anything else until we go to
John · 6:01 PM
All the security measures of google is already in place
There is something else happened
I am already there
6:01 PM
Thank you.
Now, go to security, and look for 'my devices'.
'Your devices' rather.
John · 6:02 PM
4 blocks there
there is only two devices
I do not see my iphone used. i use only my pc to browse youtube and i never went to those channels
Password changed
Surrey, BC, Canada · 3 hours ago
Password changed
Surrey, BC, Canada · Jul 19
Viki was given account access
Surrey, BC, Canada · Jul 19
That is why these charges are strange
6:04 PM
If you tap on 'more details', you'll see more information there. This is as much as we can provide as we do not have any other details, especially personal information or any other activities in the account for that matter.
I know you already changed your password already, many times at this point, but there are more ways to secure the account.
John · 6:06 PM ... AgCjci05iw
i am here
there is no more details
6:06 PM
Let me repeat, this is as much as we can provide as we do not have any other details, especially personal information or any other activities in the account for that matter.
Did you at least check the links I gave earlier?
John · 6:08 PM
Anyway thanks for redund. If it happen again i have to take to court..i do not see how my email can be hacked. Also someone using my account to get into superchat. I will warn everyone of this in all forums around the world. if google help me investigate i will be silent
i did ...that wont wont solve any
i only updated my phone
6:09 PM
Alright. Any updates should help, remove or update anything suspicious.
Please set up a 2 step verification s well.
Anything else for now?
John · 6:10 PM ... 2020-07-24
The location history is blank
it should have been recordd
i did all that ..all green check
i need location info on all my use
6:12 PM
Alex, may I remind you that I can mainly help with the YouTube charges. Google account related cases are not my scope of support, nor do we have a live support for this matter.
I'm jsut trying to offer help with the links I presented.
John · 6:12 PM
i mean i should never be charged if its not from my location
or devices
6:13 PM
I can't answer any of these questions, Alex.
John · 6:13 PM
Please forward these chat to your supervisor
Charges should be only if user devices used
6:13 PM
If it's about the account, again, we do not support the cases of the account's status, hacked or not.
John · 6:14 PM
I leave you alone as of now. You have been very patient with me. I am happy with that. But my problem with google is not solved
6:15 PM
I was just trying to help earlier with the links and some info I can at least share.
I really appreciate the understanding at that regard, Alex.
John · 6:15 PM
I will be on if i see my cc not refunded . Until then...thanks for your help
You are great but google sucks
6:15 PM


I want people to know this fraud charges by google
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Nov 10, 2004
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I want to sue google on illegal charges because they dont want to investigate how and why it happened. it give me mental anguish.
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Apr 14, 2017
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DT Calgary
AlexK wrote: I want to sue google on illegal charges because they dont want to investigate how and why it happened. it give me mental anguish.
I see that!
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Dec 16, 2015
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AlexK wrote: I want to sue google on illegal charges because they dont want to investigate how and why it happened. it give me mental anguish.
Good luck!
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Nov 10, 2004
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This will happen to anyone. It must be stopped. My first step is remove google chrome. I let world know of this...I will post in every damn forum. And will sue google . 100% even if it cost me 5000 dollar for lawyer fees
Mar 11, 2014
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What a mess that was, my suggestion would be put the Pentium computer your on in your preserve cupboard and just stick to brick and mortars. You are clearly just a bit out of your element.
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Dec 13, 2016
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AlexK wrote: This will happen to anyone. It must be stopped. My first step is remove google chrome. I let world know of this...I will post in every damn forum. And will sue google . 100% even if it cost me 5000 dollar for lawyer fees
This happens to thousands of people every year and probably 50% say they will sue. You got your refund.

Try living in a country with no support and when your money is gone its gone you whiny little baby
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Sep 4, 2006
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This will be the first time since the internet started that I post this

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Mar 18, 2005
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LOL, willing to spend $5000 on lawyer fees to sue Google.

Haha. Good luck with that.
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Nov 10, 2004
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I only want Google to investigate. Thats the goal of suing. They should prevent this on their own. They should allow only transaction from devices that is mentioned. something happened. i am curious on how it happened than i want any money from google.
It never happened in 20 years of my google use. So it must be investigated.
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Evil Baby wrote: LOL, willing to spend $5000 on lawyer fees to sue Google.

Haha. Good luck with that.
That's all? I think you forgot a 0.
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Nov 10, 2004
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I emailed Google ceo, Every employe of google will get my email. i will find all their emails. i find them until they take action
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Apr 1, 2015
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Reading thru this gives me anxiety, seriously. Astonished Face

I hope things work out for you in the end, sir.
Zoomer + user

Stay away from OT/PRC and whoever acts like an xxxxxxx there.
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Nov 10, 2004
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Issue is it can happen to anyone. never happened to me in 20 years. I dont like even 1 dollar charged without my approval. Its strange. i want to prevent future charges. i hope everyone remove google chrome . The culpirit is google chrome
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Oct 27, 2012
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OP needs a lorazepam.