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GoPro Hero5 Bundle vs YI 4K Action Camera + Gimbal bundle

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  • Feb 2nd, 2018 7:25 pm
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Dec 2, 2013
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GoPro Hero5 Bundle vs YI 4K Action Camera + Gimbal bundle

I got the Hero5 bundle from Apple for $315 for my trip to India. It would be mainly used to record videos in cities, trains, tuk tuk etc. Now I'm wondering if it's better to buy the YI 4K Action Camera bundle which comes with a Gimbal Head, Selfie Stick & a Bluetooth Remote. It is sold for 329 USD at B&H. To me it looks like a better value though the GoPro Hero5 from Apple was a good deal at $315. Any thoughts? ... ler-bundle ... imbal.html
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If you want to have footage which you will assemble/edit and show to others, then a gimbal is always preferable to handheld footage, especially if you have to track something or somebody on foot.

If you strap it to your body a lot then a gimbal isn't useful. But for vacationing, having a gimbal will elevate the footage from amateur to pro look when combined with good editing.

use the 1080P 60fps modes to capture video that you can slow down for nice dramatic slow-mos combined with steady pans.

YouTube is full of good tips how to get best use out of a gimbal. It's a real game changer IMO for amateurs/hobbyists to up their video taking game. ... ng-gimbal/
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