Got into a small fender bender. Got a question

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May 23, 2009
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Got into a small fender bender. Got a question

Just to clarify it was actually the bumper and it was Mrs Bubuski driving.

A car behind her could not stop in traffic, swerved and hit the corner of the rear bumper. Dash cam (forward facing) captured the slowing and stopped traffic as well as a view of the other car after it had swerved over and stopped

They want to handle it outside Insurance and foot the bill which I am fine with. The accident is small enough that I can risk it. Can I still file a collision report but not submit a claim with my insurance company?

I'd like the collision report in case they back out or claim the quotes are too expensive and I have to go through insurance... but I do not want to notify our insurance company yet. My question is does filing a collision report mean insurance co is automatically notified? ... dents.aspx
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Apr 21, 2004
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In 1995 when my Integra was rear-ended in Richmond, BC, ICBC had to pay $2,100 when from the outside, it appeared as if there was no damage.

Whatever reinforcement in the bumper had to be changed and it cost a pretty penny back then. Maybe it's cheaper to replace them now.

I commend you for trying to work amicably with the party at fault. I will not provide any advice as I'm not knowledgeable enough. Just wanted to let you know it could be in the thousands of dollars to fix that bumper.
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Feb 11, 2007
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If you want to do them a favour and protect yourself, you could ask for a deposit on the damage on the max you think it would be (say $2k). If it ends up costing less to fix, then you return the difference to them. If they refuse, then go through insurance. They expect you to trust them, but they should be the ones expecting trust from you.
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