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gourmet chocolate

  • Last Updated:
  • Feb 11th, 2006 10:00 pm
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Jan 30, 2005
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Sketchy, but gave it a shot.

The rest of the web site is not yet up and running.... :confused: :confused:
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Aug 3, 2003
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Gave it a shot; we'll see if it comes. 8-12 weeks for delivery!
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Nov 18, 2004
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[QUOTE]Service Temporarily Unavailable
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems.[/QUOTE]

edit: worked 2nd time, must be suffering from the RFD effect already
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Jan 17, 2005
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This is very suspicious.

Not aonly Google ads are all over the pages, but also

[QUOTE]We can be reached 24 hours a day via e-mail at [email protected]. We hope soon to offer a 1-800 line, but for now e-mail is the only available medium. We should respond within 4 hours, but please wait up to 24 hours.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE]ClendaChocolates is a bit of an eccentric company. We don't have grandoise visions of knocking Hershey out of the picture, in fact we don't expect to ever be a household name. However, we do expect that our fan base will be loyal and our product will make people smile. Our chocolate is made in a less-rushed, more old fashionned kind of way, and the taste is purely exquisite.

The dream started with the realization that almost all chocolate available on the market today is just sugar and artificial flavoring. What happened to that delicious recipe your Grandmother used to make? We realized very quickly that to cut costs, many chocolate companies are simply making a cheap, artificial product. Our dream is to recreate that natural, real chocolate that you remember from your childhood.

We are located in Los Angeles, though we hope to have an office set up in Boston within the next few months. Should you wish to contact us, we can be reached here.[/QUOTE]

Then whois info...

Registered through:
Josh Comeau
Verdun , Quebec H4H 1X3
Created on: 2005-12-15 15:34:53
Expires on: 2006-12-15 20:34:53
Last Updated on: 2005-12-15 15:34:53

Administrative Contact:
Technical Contact:
Comeau , Josh
[email protected]
Verdun , Quebec H4H 1X3
5147551337 Comeau , Josh
[email protected]
Verdun , Quebec H4H 1X3

Domain servers in listed order:
Registry Status: REGISTRAR-LOCK

:confused: :confused: :confused:
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Jul 21, 2005
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Very Strange,
Maybe they hired a montrealer to make their website? But why would they register it under a name instead of the Company? Very weird!

Thanks for the Info!
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Dec 2, 2004
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This is interesting. Who would be behind this if it isn't legit? Spammers mining email addresses? I've suspected many "freebie" forms I've filled out. But I always use a spamgourmet account - The freebie addicts best friend ! I'd hazard to guess half the freebies I see are sketchy at best. Any ideas? :confused:
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Nov 18, 2004
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Becks wrote:Hey look, they took the website down!!!!
damn i love chocolate > :(