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Is the goverment system realiable for property tax?

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  • Aug 14th, 2017 2:41 pm
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Aug 29, 2005
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Is the goverment system realiable for property tax?

live in stouffville. Got a letter saying my tax account has outstanding balance. Thought I missed something. Checked out the bills and bank statements. I paid tax in full amount on time according to the bills.

Not sure when this outstanding balance came from. Will spend time dealing with them again. It's kind of annoying. Doubting if the goverment property tax system is not reliable or not.
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Feb 20, 2017
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Barrie, ON
Every municipality has a different property tax system some are the same but most are different. Since you stated you paid online it could take up to two days to be downloaded and inputting into the system, the other part is the letter or statement might be dated before you paid them as well.

The only other option is you inputted the incorrect roll number, usually calling local municipalities don't take long on the phone at all longest I've waited was 1-2 minutes, not sure about Stouffville in particularly though.
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Mar 23, 2008
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Most municipalities I've dealt with (and I used to write accounting software for municipalities) are very careful and accurate in their billing and accounts. That's not to say things don't slip through the cracks, but that can happen with any organization.

Post back when you get a response from the tax department, and go from there. But doubting the reliability of a "system" based on one issue seems rather dramatic. And if you have a history of problem with the tax department, take it up with your town council members.