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Grass alternatives for front lawn (Vancouver house)

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Grass alternatives for front lawn (Vancouver house)

[edit] got my answer.. It's in the single family housing RS-1 zoning bylaws, section 4.8.5, 4.8.6, 4.8.7: ... e-rs-1.pdf

Hi, not sure if posting in the correct forum. I'm wondering, does anyone know the city bylaw regarding front lawns/grass for houses in Vancouver?

Am thinking of removing the grass from the front lawn completely, and replacing with something that still is capable of draining water (like small 3/4" crush rocks, and a couple small hedge-style plants.. mostly rocks though). Can't seem to find bylaws regarding this online. Does anyone know?

Chafer beetles have terrorized the front lawn and I'm sick of getting new sod, seeds, etc. put in for $1000 a pop. I did think of seeding with in micro-clovers instead which supposedly helps, but I don't think it's immune to the chafer beetle completely, especially if neighbors also have the same issue.

Thanks in advance.
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