Great deal on a laptop? No chromebooks pls

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Dec 21, 2009
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Great deal on a laptop? No chromebooks pls

Looking for laptop deals - nothing powerful, just something that will last enough years and work with videos, surfing etc.
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Nov 20, 2003
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There was a long discussion about this laptop here on RFD back in September.

Acer Aspire 1 15.6" Laptop Model Number: A115-31-C6XM

I missed the sale back then and my mother in law wanted me to find 3 laptop for the kids for Christmas. I ended up ordering them earlier this month for $250 (open box) and I find they are pretty good. I'm thinking of upgrading the ram like some recommended.

Original RFD Thread - Acer Aspire 1 15.6" full HD laptop (Intel Celeron N4120/64GB eMMC/4GB RAM/Windows 10)

It's currently priced at $279 but you can probably find open box sold by BestBuy for cheaper.

It's strange that the open box price from BestBuy is currently more expensive right now @ $299 ... x/14931598

Anyway. I wanted to reinstall windows 10 on them fresh but didn't have much time due to working a lot so I ended up removing the extra software and getting them ready for Christmas. They are pretty decent I find for the price if you can get them at like $250.
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Dec 6, 2020
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I'd hold off buying a new laptop for a while if you can.

The industry claims that there is an LCD panel shortage and is using this as an excuse to offer substandard screens on sub-$2000 laptops. Anything you buy now in the non-premium segment of the market will have an extremely pathetic color gamut of 50% sRGB coverage or worse, meaning that the screens are incapable of representing the full range of colors expected by websites and HD video media.

LCD production does go in cycles, however, so if you can wait until the industry stops constraining supply to better rip off the public, do it.
Jul 30, 2014
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I am selling my Lenovo Flex 3 1480

14" Full HD 1920x1080 Touchscreen
i5 6200U
500 GB + 8GB SSHD (Solid State Hybrid Drive)

Comes with the original box and charging adapter.

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Dec 21, 2009
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I am still looking. I don't want anything that needs upgrading, this is a simple laptop for my dad, but will be ok for the next few years.


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