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Grout sealer for mosaic tiles in shower floor recommendations?

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  • Feb 21st, 2022 2:47 pm
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Aug 21, 2008
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Grout sealer for mosaic tiles in shower floor recommendations?

I've got a shower in the basement that's got mosaic tiles for the floor. Grout started yellowing and I just cleaned it off with some soap/baking soda/vinegar and it's relatively white now. Wondering what do you guys recommend for grout sealing mosaic tiles on a shower floor to prevent it from yellowing again?
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Mar 22, 2017
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Don’t expect perfection. Any sealer can fail under intense pressure like being a shower bottom for a mosaic.

Great brands include but are not limited to:

Miracle 511
Stonetech Bulletproof
Aqua Mix Sealer’s Choice

You want to strip the old stuff with a sealer stripper and potentially use a deep grout cleaner. Once that is clean and fresh, wait until it is bone dry as you want this sealer to really sink in.

Then do multiple coats. Minimum two, more is fine. Once a year, clean the shower floor (no need to strip) and add a top up coat.

Don’t expect perfection. Sealers help but don’t prevent all colouring. It will make it easier to clean and reduce deep staining.

EDIT: DO NOT cheap out on the sealer. Cheap grout sealers don't work well and don't hold up. Get a high quality penetrating sealer only. If you cheap out you'll get stained grout with massive water penetration. I tried cheaping out, don't do it.


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