Guys, need your feedback regarding my tricky situation at Job..

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Jan 23, 2006
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Guys, need your feedback regarding my tricky situation at Job..

Hello guys, So the situation at hand is me and my brother were recruited by our Production manager from last company, I was production coordinator there; he is doing the same job position at this new company.

Now, the tricky part is that nothing major in terms of job opportunity has come up here, yet he wants us to just get to know the company and become expeditor while another position becomes available; and my brother just had a interview for Inventory specialist position here; the job is not posted and is probably internal hiring;

But, I am still waiting for my turn, and I was a production coordinator at my last work position; so, what is the best action? This is our third week going in, and we are hired on a contract basis and company is able to let us go at any moment.

How long is too long and what is the best thing to do? The person who recruited us has assured us that there are things he has planned for us, as I was working for him and doing lots of projects; so, I think he knows what my capacity is; so, is it best to just wait and see?

The expeditor job seems very dull, and not fulfilling; should I just suck it up and do even if its boring and not productive? or should I complaint and ask for more responsibility?
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Dec 8, 2010
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Don't complain! There are other ways of showing initiative at work. You could talk to the person who hired you about other areas of interest (that aren't as dull) and perhaps mention all the things he initially planned and if there is any way you could start on those projects. Show him that you're open to new projects/tasks and that you want to diversify your skills in that position. Be subtle about it. Another thing you can do is talk to others within the company about potential new openings. Good luck!