Had registration but lost it before transfer.

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Jan 16, 2020
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Had registration but lost it before transfer.

So i am in a unique situation. I went to transfer a car i bought had the ownership at the time and when i hit the counter i was told 1500$ in takes please. i was like woof to much for a car that i can't drive yet. so i went and got an appraisal for the car to lower the costs. In betwen that time at which my papers were with the used vehicle pacakge i purchased i some how lost the ownership. I have been hunting for it but think i may have left it in my wallet and it might have fallen out at some point or i removed it and put it down else ware and it may have been thrown in the trash. I already had the ownership at the service ontario center the first time would i still be able to transfer the ownership if i just go back and expalin that i was already here but lost the ownership after the fact ? or perhaps they kept the ownership when i was there ??
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Nov 7, 2016
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Get a hold of the previous owner and see if they will help you out with getting a new one?
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Oct 6, 2010
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I can't barely make out what the OP is saying.

OP bought the UVIP?
OP lost the UVIP and ownership?
OP still has UVIP?
OP thinks service Ontario took the ownership?

If OP has lost both the UVIP where the previous owner indicated the sale of the vehicle and the ownership, the previous owner would have to help the OP get new documents. If OP has the UVIP signed by the previous owner indicating a sale, than OP can get the documents from service Ontario. If OP had insurance, this would also indicate ownership and could assist in getting document.
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