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Handscraped Oak or Maple

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Jul 20, 2013
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Handscraped Oak or Maple

We are planning to have 5" Handscraped hardwood installed in our new home (Vintage is the brand). What are your opinions on oak vs maple? We have 2 small kids.
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Sep 2, 2006
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Oak is more forgiving for chips, cracks, repairs and restaining, etc.

Maple is a harder wood overall and while beautiful, is not as forgiving.
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Oct 22, 2007
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Oak has more grain in it, somewhat darker in natural colour, but then it depends on which oak and which maple you go with. I don't know if it's stained but Maple has to be pretreated/conidtioned before accepting stain where as oak doesn't need to.

It's going to depend on the style, colour and hardness, grain texture, etc you're looking for which is a personal preference and design choice.
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Mar 5, 2011
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To add to Maymybonneliveforever Red Oak which is very nice and less expensive than White Oak which is harder and of coarse more expensive more like what you see in antique furniture .
I love quartersawn white oak . Maple 20+ years ago was what was used as inexpensive paint grade material has become a premium product . Similar to poplar today .
All woods are beautiful , pick the one that suits your personality .


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