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Has anybody here incorporated an online business? I need some advice!

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  • Jul 19th, 2019 8:28 am
Mar 7, 2011
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Has anybody here incorporated an online business? I need some advice!

Hey all,

I run a freelance business and am planning on incorporating. I recently completed a year as a sole proprietor, but heard incorporating is recommended for tax purposes.

Here are the questions I have...

1. How difficult is it to change a name once it has been incorporated?

2. I already have registered a business name in Ontario and got the Master Business License. Will this conflict or no?

3. Legal endings I can choose are Limited, Ltd, Incorporated, Inc, Corporation, and Corp. Does it matter which one I choose or is it mainly only for name aesthetic purposes?

4. My main services include web design, mobile design, UX/UI, and development. Would this fall under the “Professional, Scientific and Technical Services” category? There were no other relevant options other than “Other”.

5. When should I select the company’s fiscal year-end? What is the ideal date? I filed taxes already as a sole proprietor, on my own, back in April 2019. Not sure when I should choose my fiscal year-end though.

6. For “Business Address,” do I have to put my home address? Or can I use a business address I purchased elsewhere?

7. It seems that I need 1 Incorporator, 1 Director, and at least 2 Officers (President + Secretary). Can I just put my own name for all these for now? How hard will it be to add other people later, if necessary?

8. It’s asking me now for a “Price Per Share”. What dollar amount is the best rule of thumb to put here? Or does it not matter at all in the beginning? Note: Since I’m the only owner, I’d put myself at 100% ownership.

9. Any other details I should be aware of before incorporating?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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Nov 12, 2014
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The only tax advantage of incorporating is if you can leave some of the money you earn in the corporation for a tax deferral (i.e. don't tax the tax now, pay it later). Otherwise, there's actually at tax cost of incorporating. There may be other non-tax issues for wanting to incorporate.