Has anybody quit their jobs to travel (long-term) ?

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Feb 8, 2017
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maxflores1001 wrote: I think this is the best time for you to go on that trip. It would be very difficult once you are at a senior level position and once you have settled down. As for the explanation for the employment gap, it's how you phrase it. If you can share your experiences and explain what you have gained in this period, getting a job once you are back won't be much of an issue.
i agree. do it when you are young. when you get older and have a career, family, and other responsibilities and you won't be able to or it will be extremely hard to do. well, maybe if you become filthy rich or something but for most people that won't happen.

one of my jobs they guy that worked beside me was early 50's, family, etc. didn't come into work one day - found out he had a heart attack shovelling snow that night. everyone that knew him was a mess for weeks. you never know when it's your time so if you have the ability to travel when you are young do it.
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Feb 9, 2009
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Travelling is great but I get bored after a week of vacationing... I dont know what you wanna do long-term.

Maybe see if you can take a sabbatical for a month or two and go travel... not saying dont follow your passion, you live once too and dont want to regret anything either... if you have a good career dont risk it but at the same time, balance it with your individual need.

The best is the sabbatical if you can get it.
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Sep 17, 2013
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Not sure if you were still looking for additional input but I've actually quit my job twice to pursue a life of travel.

The first time, I was unhappy with my job and took that leap of faith because I wanted to do my own startup. The was away for a good 3 years and while I did do a startup which failed (fantastic experience btw), what ended up taking off was my travel blog. It was kind of an accident in that it wasn't planned but life took a turn from being an engineer to consultant to now travel blogger.

As what many people said on the board here, the challenge with long term travel (my first time around) was that it was definitely expensive but I did my best to plan and account for it. I was only gone for 3 ish months but I had the benefit of banking a crap ton of loyalty points so flights didn't cost much and I burned through most of my Hilton Honors points to have some pretty epic stays. I know my case is unique but I definitely took advantage of what my career gave me (travelling as a consultant for work). Still, expenses did rack up and even more so when I was working on my startup where income was nil.

Eventually runway sort of ran out and so I went back to work. The unexpected thing was of course that my travel blog grew and grew and so that is what I focused on after my startup. I went back to full time work to get that regular paycheque and I just continued to build this "side hustle".

Last year, I found myself in the same predicament where I wasn't happy with work and I honestly missed being my own boss, controlling my own destiny and all of that (sorry totally digressing from your situation but hopefully an interesting anecdote) and so I quit a second time. This time, with much more confidence about my own business (the blog).

Coming back to some of your questions about career, I found that the gap on my resume and what I did with it was a great talking point and in general a point of interest during the interview to create conversation. I don't think it was ever viewed as a negative in my career and most were inspired that I did make that leap to travel and do my own thing.

My view of things is that I can always find a full time job when the time comes but to take a chance to do what you're passionate about doesn't come by very often. As you get older and family and commitments come into play, it's much harder to do something like this. For me, I don't want to live a life of regrets and what you're doing is all good in my books (note I may be biased).

Hopefully that's helpful!
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Oct 18, 2014
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It's been over a month. I hope the OP got some senses and left already.