Has anyone imported a puppy/dog from Europe? Need assistance

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Dec 28, 2020
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Has anyone imported a puppy/dog from Europe? Need assistance

I am looking to import a puppy (3.5 months) from Europe to Canada (Toronto). Before anyone asks or judges, I cannot currently find an available puppy of this breed at any Canadian/US breeder (close to 1.5 year waitlists) and my current dog is a Canadian rescue.

I've been reaching out to customs brokers but the vast majority do not handle pets, and the one that does charges about $500. I've been looking into self clearing the dog myself but the CA govt website is not very clear about the process.

Does anyone have experience with the process and can offer me any advice? Is it worth the hassle to handle the import myself, or should I just pay a customs broker? For reference, I am available most of the day and I live relatively close to Pearson where I assume most of the paperwork needs to go.
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Feb 24, 2007
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There have been instances with pets being infected with Covid-19 (both in NA and Europe) and my guess is that your attempt to rescue and bring a dog into Canada will almost be impossible. Until most of the world is truly free of the pandemic (several years), my suggestion is to save a dog's life by adopting it locally. ... %3D1691853

** The article pertains to US/Canada adoption but I would guess this is also applicable to any other international adoption process with the Canadian adoptees.
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Jun 11, 2019
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I guess it depends how much you value your time and your dogs comfort. When we brought ours on KLM cargo, we had to use KLM's logistics company (I think it was Charger logistics) to handle the dog. We then had to pick up the paperwork from them off airport road, and take it to customs office on Convair Dr, about 15 min drive away. Then take the paperwork back to logistics, where the dog was released. From the time the dog landed until release, he was in his crate for a good 12 hours. The logistics took about 6hrs of our time. Would I pay $500 for a company to handle that all for me? Now that I know the process, no. But it was an effort nonetheless.