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Has anyone tried changing their Covid vaccine appt date?

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Nov 14, 2019
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Has anyone tried changing their Covid vaccine appt date?

Finally got a covid vaccine appointment through the Ontario vaccine website, and now some issues have cropped up on that date (elderly family member health issues).

Has anyone tried changing their appointment through the Ontario booking site?

The wording at the start of the appt change portal is really unclear....I can't tell if I lose my original appointment as soon as I start looking for an alternative, or if I get a chance to see if there's an alternative that works and THEN get an option to give up my original appt.

I can still make the original appt work, with a LOT of juggling and running around that day, so I don't want to necessarily give it up if I will end up with a replacement two months from now...

Anyone have experience with how it works?
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You can check and as long as you rebook another appointment, it will automatically cancel the other appointment. It won't cancel until you book it.
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Feb 7, 2017
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Here’s the blurb that came when we booked our original shots (1st & 2nd ) online with Ontario Public Health

Changing your booking for 1st & 2nd dose appointments is done by creating a new booking.
New bookings will automatically cancel your previously booked appointments.
If you received an email inviting you to book you MUST use the link in the email to create a new booking.
Otherwise please go to to create a new booking through the provincial COVID-19 vaccination portal.

CAUTION : You will receive a confirmation email / SMS for your newly booked appointments FOLLOWED BY a cancellation email / SMS for your previously booked appointments.
New booking of both appointments should be done at least 2 hours prior to your first dose appointment (Appointment 1).

NOTE : If you need to reschedule ONLY your 2nd dose appointment or cancel both your 1st and 2nd dose appointments without rebooking, please call the toll-free number at 1-888-999-6488.
Calls are answered on that line each day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Eastern Time)

If you have not yet had Shot # 1 ... then the bit up to the NOTE Section applies

If you’ve already had Shot # 1 ... then you’d be covered by the NOTE section (need to just reschedule your 2nd shot)
Or ... if you don’t plan to rebook at this time ... plans unknown
Then you can call the 1-888 number

PS ... if you indeed did book thru Ontario Public Health website ... you should have got all this info at the time you booked by a Confirmation Email ... exactly like I did. May want to look back thru your emails to find your data ... cuz no doubt they’ll be asking for things like your booking number.

As well, when you get Shot # 1 ... you will have received both a hard copy receipt at the clinic ... as well as a follow up email that again will have pertinent info in regards to your first shot, as well as your scheduled second shot.

Personally ... I would have all this documentation in hand BEFORE I begin any process for rescheduling
Esp so if your situation is covered by phoning in ... cuz if it’s like most Govt hotlines ... and you’ll have already spent time waiting in a queue to have your call answered
Would suck to have to be cut off ... find your stuff ... and then call back in / wait again
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If it's your first shot, you can rebook easily. I've changed my appointment like 10 times. You won't lose yours until you confirm the new one, and it's automatic.

I called them yesterday to confirm before I started shopping around. They said no problem.
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Jun 3, 2010
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Yesterday I went in to change my second shot appointment...but I only needed to change the time of the shot and not the day itself.

When I went into the Ontario system, it asked me for the confirmation number and after filling in some verification details, I was at the screen to pick the change...but because I was only changing the time, It only showed me that option, not a change in day.


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