Has anyone tried a pet tracker?

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  • Dec 17th, 2020 7:55 pm
Nov 12, 2020
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Has anyone tried a pet tracker?

I was sent a promo code for $25 off TELUS Track+ and am really liking it so far - you can track your dog from an app on your phone anywhere in Canada and I set a boundary around my backyard so I'm automatically notified when Leo leaves the backyard while I'm working in the house (he's a straight up escape artist).

Wondering if anyone has tried this as well or other pet trackers they are liking?

I used this promo code and it's still working on 25TRACK1
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Oct 2, 2018
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Our dog gets out for a walk twice a day however on leash so no need for a tracker. In our back yard she is fully contained by fences, if she did find an escape hatch it would be best to solve that as no one wishes their pet to get out and injured by a car. So a tracker there would not solve an issue.

In summer the off leash park is enclosed, no need again for a tracker.

Perhaps if you hiking with a dog off leash and it is allowed it might be beneficial, however not many have that need in my opinion.

Perhaps a cat owner, but cats are generally independent and I wouldn't have a good need there either.

Perhaps others can add to this, certainly if the product is available there must be a need that some are taking advantage of.