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Nov 10, 2011
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I didn't want to start a topic, but the last time I started one I got some good answers.

What I'm looking for is bluetooth head phones that uses the type-c cord to charge it. I recently got a new phone and it is type-c making all of my micro cords irrelevant. I know I can just look on Best Buy but it doesn't say if its type-c or micro charging just says charge cable. When I type in Google, type-c headphones I get the ones that you plug into the phone which is not what I want. Plus while I'm at it, I'm looking for opinions based on people's purchases and reviews.

I don't know what I really want, lol. I like the over the ear head phones which would work great for travel. But I don't travel a lot so it would be a waste. So I'm looking for one that doubles as bluetooth but also comes with a cord also so I don't always have to think that its a waste when I don't charge it.

I like those really tiny ear buds that make you look like the secret service, but I don't like having both buds (even with the old type ear phones) in so it be a waste spending over $100 just for me to use one ear bud. Maybe I can sell the other one? I saw on groupon they were selling one that also doubles as one of those portable chargers. I was down with that for $39, plus it looked like it was a type-c charger. When I looked up the model number (no name of product which was weird) I was seeing it for sale on websites but from China (I'm Chinese so I'm not racist) and I wasn't down with that. So that was the closest I was to buying.

So if I could get a couple of suggestions and links that would be awesome!

#1 priority, is type-c charging cord and bluetooth.

Over the ear, with a cord just in case I forget to charge, type-c charging cord (no more than $100 since I'm probably only going to use it once or twice a year)


Secret service type ear buds, type-c charging cord (what you think I should pay since I'm really only going to use the one bud). Now that I think of it I would probably use more than the over the ear because I can use it in the company truck to make phone calls. But still only use one bud so I probably shouldn't spend more than $150?

Any links, recommendations and reviews from your own history would be welcomed and thanks in advance.
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Dec 16, 2015
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