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Mar 8, 2010
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Health / Life Insurance Options

I have benefits with Blue Cross through my workplace. The only thing that is covered is drugs and dental. Im also paying for what I think is too much for something that I never really use (not a big supporter of drugs)

I would like to get a plan that covers more. I have chronic pains and would really benefit from massages and physio therepy. Both of which I stopped doing because it was getting too expensive for me to keep paying every visit.

My health is priority #1. I would be prepared to spend any amount of money to ensure that my body will last me well into my senior years. On the recommendations of my doctor, I have cleaned up the foods that I eat, Started to do stretches daily, and have been doing some active sports, like swimming, biking in the summer and basketball.

What are some companies that offer great service, reasonable pricing and good coverage?

About me:
30 year old Married man with a baby on the way
Ex smoker (2 years clean)
Chronic neck and back pains
Weak joints
high metabolism

For anyone in their 20s reading this... take care of your body during this time. You are not invincible.
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Feb 4, 2017
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Bad genes? My mom just had knee surgery. Her joints are bad.

No idea... My doctors all asked me that question. The only thing we could come up with was a car accident 10 years ago. Apparently it takes a while for your body to feel the damage. Back then I felt invincible and didn't do any physio. Or maybe it's because I stopped doing sports, exercising and staying fit during my 20s. On top of drinking and partying and eating like Shit.

God only knows...

Either way, need to get better so I can enjoy the rest of my life. Everyday chronic pain is making me depressed. I'm worried I won't even be able to hold my baby for too long without my back breaking. Or play and stay active with my baby
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Mar 14, 2005
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Oh ya, it must be the car accident. People get their physio paid for in those circumstances by insurance, I think.