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Hearing aids - 2019/2020 edition...

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  • Dec 11th, 2019 8:38 pm
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Mar 23, 2008
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Hearing aids - 2019/2020 edition...

So it's looking like hearing aids are in my near future. Not really a surprise, but I'm hoping it will be a relief when I've adjusted to them.

Right now, only been to Costco. From talking to the audiologist (is that the person who does the test?), the Kirkland Signature 9.0 seems to be the most likely candidate from a cost perspective ($2000 for a pair), and they're one of the few that work with a Samsung phone (Note 10+). But... It appears the landscape is changing now, with the new version of Android's "Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids", which should eliminate the need for an adapter. I'm not opposed to switching back to the Apple world, as this is my first Android device in a long time, and I just changed in September. But it's an added cost.

Thoughts? Any reason NOT to get the KS9? Seems like I could double the price (or more) if I wanted to get a device that had some extra features like recharge-ability or tinnitus masking (which would be nice, but seems to be somewhat questionable benefit).

Aside from a company provided health plan, I'll be paying out of pocket.

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Mar 3, 2018
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The K 9’s work with bluetooth rather then MFI eliminating the adaptor. They are made by Phonak and are essentially the Marvel model with a few features disabled like you mentioned.

Anyways with Costco you have a trial period so you can return for a refund or exchange for a different model. I would recommend a trial.