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Heater noise/restarts itself

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  • Nov 26th, 2020 10:27 am
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Dec 11, 2008
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Heater noise/restarts itself

I have this Sylvania heater, not sure what model it is, came with the house. I am guessing it is getting used more with the cold season starting. I noticed that it started making loud noises, like metal popping, around every hour later in the evening. It seems to shuts itself down as I hear the sound, the thermostat shows that it is off then comes back on after a few minutes.

What's causing this? Should I call an electrician to check it out?
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Jan 21, 2018
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Can we assume this is an electrical heater with a fan?

Once an hour or so, you notice a loud popping sound, and the heater shuts down immediately? Is that maybe just the normal on/off relay operating, and it happens to be a bit loud? How do you know it's abnormal? Can you turn the thermostat up and down, listen to the heater starting up and shutting down as a result, and verify what the normal sound of the relay is?

If it's not the normal on/off sound, it could be something like a separate thermal protection breaker operating. That would likely mean that there is something wrong with the fan or something blocking the airflow, since a heater like this should be able to operate indefinitely without overheating as long as the fan is delivering the proper airflow and the room isn't ridiculously hot.

Or it could be just a normal hot-metal-flexing pop sound, and if there's a built-in mechanical thermostat that's close to triggering "off", the mechanical vibration of the pop triggers it to shut off, just as giving it a thump on the side might do.


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