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Help air seal metal zero clearance fireplace

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  • Mar 27th, 2017 11:32 pm
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Sep 24, 2006
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Help air seal metal zero clearance fireplace

Hello! Hope someone can help me out how do I air seal this gap, when I measure surface temperatures it is colder in the gap, I think it is within the building envelop but would like to seal, it is sealed on the opposite side with drywall(two sided fireplace). Can I just spray some fireblock foam in there?
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Aug 4, 2006
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That's not going to be the solution as the cold air will then come out of the vent over/under your fireplace (FP). I suspect it's just conduction differences between the pipe(s) and the outside mounting of the exhaust. Personally I would check the caulking outside (exhaust) and the inside part (for this I suspect you will need to remove the top vent cover from your fireplace. Also, it could be air coming up from the basement and flowing over those metal parts) dropping the temp. I wouldn't caulk up that seam, It will make servicing the FP difficult and if you use a colour caulk ... then it could draw the eye to you handiwork.

I can't tell what the white stuff is on the lower right side.


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