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Help me buy the right Smart Thermostat (Ecobee / Nest)

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  • Nov 16th, 2020 10:03 pm
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Dec 13, 2006
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Help me buy the right Smart Thermostat (Ecobee / Nest)


I have a new home and would like to buy smart thermostat in it. But I don't know what to buy and what would be the best setup. I'll describe what I have and here your suggestion.

My House (Build in 1996 3600square feets), had some improvment over time.
There is 2 independant HVAC (1 on 1st floor, and 1 on ground floor + basement, Basic non programmable Honeywell)
I have Baseboard everywhere upstair (Controlled individually (Old Beige non digital controller)). (HVAC for 1st floor was added after, Air is coming from the HRV vent)
I have one HRV Control (Basic with humidity setting, and another one Fantech Ecotouch ecotouch) right beside the Ground floor HVAC control.
* The HRV basic humidity control need to be ON for the Fantech Ecotouch to do anything.
**I also have heated creamic in master bedroom and kitchen.

Since we moved in (october) I shutted down 1st floor HVAC, I rely on Ground floor HVAC, and HRV to move Heat around and it's a little colder in upstair bedroom. Because of Covid, I work from home in my bedroom and use the Baseboard, to heat the bedroom only in the day.

Current Thermostat Wiring:

I would like to control the 2 HVAC, Ideally integrate the HRV. I'm leaning toward Ecobee 4 for ground floor and try to integrate the HRV with it, but what do I need on 1st Floor? another Ecobee?

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Jun 23, 2019
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You will most likely need two thermostats, make sure you get the Ecobee and not NEST. Nest doesn't compare to Ecobee, you cannot change advanced settings to optimize the equipment to your house.
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I am not a fan of any cloud based automation. If I had to choose between the two options, I would go for Ecobee

I am a big proponent of home automation, but I have to admit, I think thermostats is the least practical to automate. If they are programmable, they are already automated. You set your schedule and they just run. Why do you need to control it from your phone?

I digress. If you want something that goes with an automation hub and is not cloud based, look at Radio Thermostat CT80. I believe you can use a single unit to control both furnaces