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Help me pick a cookware set

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May 23, 2017
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Help me pick a cookware set

My wife wants new pots. We currently have a set of the rock pots that are still decent and are not peeling or anything but she wants a stainless set and we will keep a few smaller non-stick frying pans for eggs ect. i want to buy at costco as I have some gift cards and because of their return policy. Can anyone suggest the best choice from the ones below? ... 99386.html ... 26364.html ... 75225.html

I actually just saw the Lagostina one was on sale last week :( I called the stores and it is backordered and $189.99 now.
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May 30, 2010
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riseagainstthemachine wrote: Thanks, I looked into the kirkland brand but lots of reviews of warping.
You can't go wrong with the Lagostina. We have the 5ply set for well over 25 years now. Still going strong.

WRT to the Kirkland ones, I would take a lot of those reviews with more skepticism. You can see and feel the set in the warehouse, it's solid construction, and 5 ply, means it's going to be heavier. In addition to the copper ply in the middle, there is another 2 ply in the bottom plate that the 3 ply's don't have. Warping is a matter of heat/cold cycling, anyone that put a hot pan in a sink of cold water or through a cold water tap will experience warping. However, you won't go wrong with the Lagostina.


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