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Help With Reading Specs / Suggestion and Recommendations

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Jan 19, 2007
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Help With Reading Specs / Suggestion and Recommendations

Hi everyone, I tried to do some searching and googling but am not really good at understanding the true real life difference between some specs on a couple laptops I'm looking at. For reference, my use case likely isn't going to be any super modern high intensity games (maybe FF7 remake if that ever comes out on PC) but even then that's not a deal breaker. I kind of want to do photo editing and maybe some light video editing.

Currently I am using: Lenovo Y400 and am quite happy with the quality. Since 2013!! ... ries/y400/

Lately I feel like the performance maybe isn't good enough for what I want it to do anymore and am considering getting a replacement that is equally "future proofed" for 7-8 years of use. The only thing I've done to my Y400 is put in an SSD. I wouldn't say that it's grossly under performing but just slow enough for me to consider a new system after almost 8 years of use.

So, onto the main questions: I can't really tell on paper why these two systems are similarly priced because I don't know enough about specs in general to fully understand the difference and where the value for money is. I see a lot of talk of Ryzen vs Intel and was looking at current offering's from Lenovo. Can you guys give me some input on:

1. Why is Ryzen considered better than the Intel competitor? And Would I even notice the difference for my use case?
2. The Y540 has the 1660 vs the 1650 on the Legion 5. Should I weight this more than the difference between the Intel and AMD?
3. Legion 5 gas an extra HDD over the Y540, should I weight this as a dollar value where I can add another drive if I want to on the Y540? (Assuming it can take one)
4. Any other considerations or comments for one or the other? (e.g., RAM slots available)

Legion 5 (15") : ... 82B5000VUS
Processor : AMD® Ryzen™ 7 4800H Processor (2.90 GHz, Max Boost up to 4.20 GHz, 8 Cores, 16 Threads, 8 MB Cache)
Operating System : Windows 10 Home 64
Memory : 8 GB DDR4 3200MHz
Hard Drive : 512 GB PCIe SSD + 1 TB 7200 RPM HDD
Warranty : One Year Legion Ultimate Support
Graphics : NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650 Ti 4GB
Battery : 4 Cell Li-Polymer 60Wh

Legion Y540: ... 81SX013PUS
Processor : 9th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-9300H Processor (2.40 GHz, up to 4.10 GHz with Turbo Boost, 4 Cores, 8 Threads, 8 MB Cache)
Operating System : Windows 10 Home 64
Memory : 8 GB DDR4 2666MHz
Hard Drive : 512 GB PCIe SSD
Warranty : 1 Year Depot or Carry-in
Graphics : NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1660 Ti 6GB

If my use case isn't clear enough please let me know. or if there are other reccommendations.
Thanks in advance.
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If you do a lot of gaming then you want the y540, if you don't then the cpu in the legion is far superior.