Helping My Son - Looking for Employer needing a Plumber Apprentice

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Oct 26, 2003
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Syne wrote: I just find it strange that it's often seen as not only acceptable, but encouraged to be a parent that helps your kid 'get ahead'... but seldom are we asking, 'get ahead of what?' Kids without parents? Wow, good job. You're further rigging an unbalanced match.

.. and it wouldn't even be so bad if this was just a problem that was limited to the home, but it bleeds into everyday life. Kids without fathers are less likely to get involved in sports, less likely to get help with school work, less likely to get play dates with more popular kids, more likely to be picked on and ostracized. It's almost like your parents are a big part of placing you in your social hierarchy at an early age. It never ends.

Now you're in your 20s, living at home and dad is acting as your agent to get you an apprenticeship? What next, free tuition? A car? Help with the down payment on your first home?

Then they have the gall to grow up conservative, lobby for lower taxes, and look down on people less fortunate.. and you wonder why liberals exist.
Captain obvious says that life is not fair.