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High quality Sit/Stand desk recommendations?

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  • Aug 21st, 2017 6:24 pm
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May 9, 2006
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High quality Sit/Stand desk recommendations?

I'm looking for one that has dual motors (which typically can't lift 3000lbs+), support a 72" table and is stable at any height.

The 2 that that I've found that best fit the description are:

Jarivs Standing desk: https://www.fully.com/jarvis-frame-only.html
Pros: Best reviewed sit/stand desk, ships to Canada.
Cons: Don't know how good the stability is.

VertDesk V3: https://www.btod.com/btod-vertdesk-v3-base
Pros: Probably the most stable stand/sit desk on the market because of that bar across the legs... and that's their selling point.
Cons: Doesn't ship to Canada. Not many reviews (other than their own).

I'm only interested in the base as I'm planning on using a hard solid maple top that weighs 100lbs (72" x 30").

Are there any other desks to look into? Anonymous is cheaper (and ships from Canada), but has too much wobble. Other companies like Ikea, MountIt and Anthrodesk are mostly single motor so it can only lift 150lbs and/or cannot support a longer desk,