High Tech in Calgary

Jun 11, 2006
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High Tech in Calgary

Is the high tech in Calgary mostly related to oil and gas? Or even if not, I assume it is impacted by the highs and lows of oil/gas? Anyone can comment on the job market there these days? (as a developer)

Also, is there is quadrant in the city that has a concentration of tech companies? For example, in Ottawa, there is a suburb in Ottawa that has a high concentration of tech companies close together.
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Nov 2, 2013
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Can't comment specifically in high tech but Calgary is mostly a O&G office job city, as most of the oil firms house their corporate headquarters there. White collar positions are generally very sticky and it takes a very long time to find another related job, and for a new opening to appear. Conversely out in the field, for a couple months things can be stupid busy, hiring fairs are happening left and right, and you are bombarded with Indeed and LinkedIn recruiters or an employer who got your phone number from someone who put in a good word for you. Then for the next couple months, be sitting at home, drive by shops with all their equipment parked and not moving and their offices unlit, and hear of endless layoffs. That's time then you pick up the phone or pound the pavement to move onto the next business you do work for next week or tomorrow.

So it takes a suffering firm a long time to start hiring again, and when it does, it will do so slowly. Same with the ripple effect of the unemployed- the dampened demand for homes, services, and shopping is quick to act but the recovery of money flowing to them is slow. The oil patch has recovered significantly since 2015, but still in a hole.
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Jan 2, 2015
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It's pretty tough in Calgary for developer and tech jobs right now, actually almost any jobs. Though there are areas it of oil and gas, much of the business revolves around it here. If O&G is doing poorly, it trickles down to pretty much everything. The one exception seems to be agriculture.
Ironically, my spouse was working for an argricultul company when he was laid off from a tech firm.

Companies aren't really concentrated in a quadrant. Your have a lot of our ypur downtown head offices. There there is a mix of a couple of industrial areas which all have a mix.

There are some jobs in calgary, but t the competition is heavy.
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