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Dec 15, 2007
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Hisense 6107 owners

Not sure if we have a thread for this already but since these were posted in Hot Deals a few times, thought I'd create this for troubleshooting, calibration etc..

I unboxed mine (43inch) today and put it on top of the dresser, now when I close a drawer, I see some black pop in the center of the TV (when on), making the picture go black in the center for a split second. Is that normal?

2, the remote acts funny sometimes, does it stop working for you if you use the Roku app on your phone? I checked the batteries, it's so random.

3, any good calibration settings you have to share would be great!
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Feb 24, 2003
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50" deal thread: https://forums.redflagdeals.com/costco- ... v-2268687/

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I have the 65" from the August 2018 Grand opening of the Leaside warehouse on a rigid stand and I have never seen mine develop a black spot in the centre.

The remote has always worked properly for me.
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Nov 12, 2004
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I got the 43" in mid August 2018... I mounted it on a primecable stand the one in the link below. Impressed so far. I swivel the TV on the stand constantly to face what part of the room I am in. So the TV gets a lot of movement. I have NEVER had a black spot or a change in color even if I happen to tap something with one of the wheels as I am turning it...

I only stream content using the Roku interface or a MI Box (for my IPTV feed since Roku butchered loading that option onto the TV itself) or watch d/led content connected to my router over wifi. I have no idea how cable, satellite or bhell fibe works on them. I have it set to darker and low power all the time never seen the need to play with the settings. Also, I generally only d/l the LOWEST quality source I can find to save space and the TV does a great job IMO of playing those files. I must say though when I got Amazon Prime and watched The Grand Tour in 4K the picture is impressive for the cost of the TV. The remote has worked well for me, except for when I had a different android box, whose remote had a tendency to change settings on the TV, as well as the android box. I have not used the app on my windows OS phone much but it does work. Just got a Fire HD 10 tablet and the remote app did work when I tried it for about 20 minutes yesterday...

I turn the TV on when I get home and turn it off when I go to work the next day. Unless I remember to set the timer to shut it off earlier LOL. So far no hiccups, or troubles. Not too worried in any event. Bought the extended warranty from Costco, and for the picture I see at the price I paid I am more than pleased.

The only criticism I have is the fact that I had to configure it to work with my hard drive based content off my router. The USB port does work great for viewing but I could not figure out how to add and delete content over wifi while connected to the TV. I admit I am just to lazy to hop up and grab the hard drive bring it over to a computer to change content and then reconnect it to the TV. LOL.

Stand I have the TV on...

https://www.primecables.ca/p-362109-cab ... rimecables
Dec 15, 2007
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Hmm.. not sure what it is, maybe something interfering with the IR sensor, only have a wireless modem and led bulbs in the room. It's so random, I think i'll be returning mine to costco..