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Jun 29, 2006
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hisense vs tcl vs vizio

Hello good self iso folks!

I have been looking for a sub $1k tv, and the options, review, feedback just driving me crazy!~

I have done my due diligence (some what), and settled on following 3 models at 65".

Hisense Q7G (android) - $950 at costco - 90 LDZ
https://www.costco.ca/hisense-65-in.-4k ... 53453.html
Apparently Q8G is same as Q7G, so ok with the older model, hope there is a better deal on this

TCL 65R617 (roku) - $850 at amazon - 120 LDZ
https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07DVWH4WB/ref ... UTF8&psc=1
Not a fan of Roku but has 120 LDZ, and rtings says 2018 similar to 2019 https://www.rtings.com/tv/tools/compare ... eshold=0.1

Vizio M658-G1 (smart cast) - $1050 at b&h - 90 LDZ
https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/ ... g1_65.html
May pick, but no store seem to carry atm, i know above price will include customs, not a fan; any known local deal on this?

Thanks for your time and valuable input :)
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Wrong forum ...
this question should be posed in the COMPUTERS & ELECTRONICS FORUM = computers-electronics-f14/

No worries, I am sure the RFD Mods will move it there eventually

Lots of similar threads over there for you to read up on
Including this one ...

Which someone else interestingly posted over there recently
Costco Tv information = costco-tv-information-vizio-vs-tcl-vs-h ... y-2379311/
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Jun 29, 2006
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OK finally in right section.

There are similar thread exists, but i feel i have been able narrow down to 3 particular model with reason.
So some personal/real-world opinion will be appreciated.