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$149 CAD Nest Learning Thermostat, 2nd Generation at Home Depot

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  • Nov 24th, 2018 10:26 pm
May 23, 2012
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$149 CAD Nest Learning Thermostat, 2nd Generation at Home Depot

The Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation has been discounted to $239 CAD at numerous retailers, including Home Depot, Canadian Tire and Best Buy. I went to buy one from the Home Depot store closest to home (Edmonton, AB) but either they ran out of stock, or the staff cannot tell the difference between 2nd generation and 3rd generation (the one they're advertising), I ended up getting a 2nd generation Nest for $149 CAD.

Still researching the difference between 2nd and 3rd generation and decide if I want to return this one and go get the real 3rd generation at another Home Depot, but I thought it would be helpful to bring it up here, in case you are looking for a lower cost option for Nest Learning Thermostat. Is $149 CAD a good deal for a brand new Nest, even though it is 2nd generation?
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Apr 12, 2013
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I know 2nd gen can't use the remote sensor and doesn't have a far sight display but beyond that no idea. We had older nests in our previous home and loved them. Just bought 2 E's for our hydronic system.