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[Home Depot] Everbilt 26-Quart Capacity High Performance Cooler

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Jan 12, 2014
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[Home Depot] Everbilt 26-Quart Capacity High Performance Cooler


Everbilt 26-Quart Capacity High Performance Cooler $78.00

Model # 410-025-0112|Store SKU # 1001386565

https://www.homedepot.ca/product/everbi ... 1001386565


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Jul 27, 2015
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Nice find. I was looking at those at reg price. Those rubber latches are sooo hard to open/close.

So I settled for Pelican 20qt
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Mar 4, 2006
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I just found this on my own, so i searched here before i double posted, good thing... seems like a solid unit, i needed a smaller cooler so i ordered one for ISPU, check stocktrack for local stock.. closest for me was a small town a half hour away, good thing about ispu is if i dont make it out that way to pick it up i'll get a refund anyway
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Jan 11, 2004
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Great for camping, racoon proof
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Oct 26, 2007
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Thanks OP.

Was looking for a new cooler and this one should fit the bill nicely

I was researching Pelican and Yeti the last couple of nights. I'll probably still end up with a Pelican, but this one will come in handy regardless
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Jul 26, 2005
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Covered in the ongoing HD clearance deals thread. Seen at many HD’s around Montreal.
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Oct 26, 2007
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I picked mine up today in WPG. They had about 8 or so, even though online showed 3.

Seems solid. I'm 180 and there is no flex in the lid when I stand on it. Sturdy, seals well. I'll do an ice test with it later. Filled with water and sealed it up, shook it and tipped it every way possible...100% leak proof, not a drop came out

For 75$, it'll be good for something. Be it camping or taking to kids sporting tournaments to keep some drinks and snacks cold.
Jan 27, 2013
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I picked this up for 40 USD on Black Friday last year, have been happy with it. It's bigger on the outside than the Ozark Trail cooler of the same interior size, but it is sure nice having the relief vent and not having to pry open the lid after a trip through the mountains. I really like taking it along as a seat around the campfire (plenty solid enough for that).
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Dec 3, 2006
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krazykanuck wrote: Covered in the ongoing HD clearance deals thread. Seen at many HD’s around Montreal.
Sorry I'm not seeing that discussion... is it in the 2020 thread or the 2019 thread?? I'm subbed to both but don't see it... could you link me please? Thanks!
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Mar 18, 2005
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Brossard, Qc
I bought an Igloo BMX 49L from Canadian Tire a few weeks ago for $100, which from many online reviews, can hold ice up to 5 days easily. I was using it to keep water and Gatorade bottles in the car cause I’m outside a lot, but I never have enough to fill it, nor do I want to purchase 3-4 bags of ice. It ends up melting in a day or so cause of all the free space.

Might consider buying this at half the size, so I can actually keep things cool for longer... anyone can comment on how long it’ll keep things frozen?
May 7, 2015
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Late to the party, but there was 1 left for pick up in vaughan, Hhopefully its not an error! I've been outdoors more this year and the old rolling coleman from CT definitely was not cutting it. Size will be good for camping and day trips.

edit: Grabbed the last one! looks like its pretty solid construction. The only thing i'd change is the flimsy looking handle to carry it but if the feedback and reviews stand up, then it'll have been a good purchase.
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Dec 17, 2013
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any deals on 50+ quart coolers for camping?